Happy Fourth of July Eve!

Or as everyone else probably calls it, the Third of July. Regardless, I am celebrating.
We kicked off the holiday festivities with a red, white & blue breakfast. Mini star pancakes made just for tiny fingers. I made regular pancakes for the rest of us, then just made one big pancake & cut little stars out of it with a cookie cutter for Harp.

Unfortunately, breakfast is about as far as we’re going to get with our Fourth of July plans right now because it won’t stop raining! It has been torrential down pouring & flooding over here. 
Son of a BEE.
We just wanted to play outside!

It’s raining, it’s pouring. But we won’t let the weekend be boring!
I refuse to let the rain ruin our fun. If we are stuck inside, we are planning a full on camp-out in the living room, complete with tents (we are going to have a full house), sleeping bags, music, movies & even s’mores in the fireplace!
There are tons of fun games to play inside too, we love playing Thirty One or Balderdash. Both of which can be turned into drinking games for the adults! 😉
All that really matters is this cute girl, who I’m sure will be happy with whatever we decide to do. 
Wishing you all a Happy Fourth of July EVE!
More festive Fourth of July Inspiration can be found here & here. Enjoy!

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