Monday Randomness.

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone for all of the sweet comments, emails & feedback. You all MAKE. OUR. DAY.
I am so grateful that you allow us to inspire you & make you laugh.
If we had more trees, I would invite you ALL over for a mama’s night out, hanging in the hammocks & sipping festive beverages ’til the cows come home.

I mean, we would have one hell of a party.
There would be babies and Christmas lights and Thanksgiving dinner and Halloween costumes and drinks on drinks on drinks.
It would be BANANAS.

Ok. Back to reality.

I am excited to announce that I have officially cut back to part time at my “full time” job!!!
 I will still be working from home, but now able to spend more time being a mama. It has been CRAZY working full time with her home with me & daycare prices are just outrageous. So, after running some numbers, this made the most sense. Hopefully this means more time for fun things to share on the blog AND possibly even custom chalkboards one of these days.
 But for now, I’m just trying to survive the day without me & the kiddo both going stir crazy.

I’m sure you all know, Google Reader is going away. You can follow Little Baby Garvin on Bloglovin’ or import your entire list of blogs into Feedly. If you are a mobile reader, you can also save the blog as a bookmark to your homescreen.

 These changes also prompted us to finally get a Facebook Page! I know, welcome to earth! I was a little hesitant, as you all know I have a hard enough time keeping up with emails/questions as is, but I’m hoping this will be a fun outlet to share new posts & chalkboards.

Also, for those of you who asked about the red velvet pancake recipe, I have added it to the Recipes Page of my blog. They are BEYOND. We have been making them for three years now & it has become one of my favorite traditions! 🙂
There are so many fun, creative things you can do with pancakes, so don’t be afraid to go one step further & do them with the red velvet recipe! Top them with cream cheese, whipped cream or syrup. Cover them in blueberries, blackberries & strawberries. Cut them into star shapes or make pancake pops! 🙂 The festive possibilities are endless!
And last but not least, there are a few new summer inspired prints listed in my etsy shop! Coupon code 30OFFCHALK is still valid for 30% off your purchase!

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