Baby #2 Update

I found out that I was pregnant after three consecutive nights of waking up at four in the morning STARVING. Like, ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner hungry. On the third night of this, I had a dream that I got a positive pregnancy test. I woke up to my stomach growling, and even though it was still a few days before I thought I could take a test, I did it anyway & two pink lines appeared right away. Brandon had already left for work, so I had the dreaded 8 hour wait to tell him the news, which I of course did with a chalkboard!

My official due date is April 30, which seems far, far away at this point. Having a pregnancy span out over the holidays is both good & bad. Missing out on holiday cocktails is a total bummer, but all the tasty treats & meals make up for it. Soup swap? Christmas cookie exchange? Sign my pregnant ass up.

We will definitely find out the sex, you know I am much too impatient (and excited) to wait until d-day. Do we have a preference? Nope. I love love love having a girl & would love for Harper to have a sister! I would also, of course, love to reuse all of the pretty little girl clothes & accessories of hers that I have been hoarding. I would also love to have a boy! I loved growing up with brothers & would love for Harper to as well! I also think it would be so much fun to experience having a son vs. having a daughter. We will be so thrilled either way!
That being said, we both have a feeling already about what this babe might be.
Can not wait to find out! 🙂

The bump so far, half baby, half Chipotle.

Hh Helvetica Tee | Jacket from Gap Outlet (similar here)

So far, this pregnancy has been almost exactly the same as the first. I went through the same carsick/nausea as the first time, never actually getting sick but always kinda feeling like crap. The only things that have really sound good are toast, strawberries (with nutella) & Chipotle. I have just started to get my appetite back,
And just like last pregnancy, I can’t even stand the sight of coffee. Rip my heart out, why dontcha.
Sidenote, I did have a salted caramel mocha yesterday & it tasted like a snickers bar factory in my mouth. Definitely going back for more.

 I am exhausted again but it is multiplied by infinity this time because of the toddler tornado & crazy work schedules (for both me & Brandon). I have been strategically planning Harper’s nap time & my client calls at specific times so I can take a 28 minute snooze every other afternoon. It’s pretty glorious but I sometimes wake up feeling even more like a zombie than I did before. But I am starting to get some of my energy back, which feels like nothing short of winning the lottery at this point! 😉

Harper & baby number two will be 26 months apart. So if I can just get her potty trained (and maybe folding laundry or something) in the next six months, we will be in good shape. I have no doubt that this will be a lot of work but we are beyond excited & are ready to double the fun! 

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