Happy October!

October is my favorite, favorite, favorite month of the year. It’s the peak of Fall amazingness, it’s Halloween, it’s our anniversary, it’s PERFECT.

This month, we will wear lots of festive outfits, witch hats & Halloween costumes.
We will watch scary movies, cover our eyes & then just put in Hocus Pocus for the five thousandth time. We will eat pumpkin spice cupcakes & chocolate pumpkin muffins. We will save the pumpkin beer for next year.
We will go pumpkin picking, apple picking & baby name picking.
We we will carve pumpkins, paint pumpkins & then use pumpkins for target practice so we can make room for Christmas decorations.
  And, of course, we will eat our weight in yummy Fall inspired foods.

This little toddler style candy corn was made up of mango, oranges & bananas. Gotta make sure Harper doesn’t miss out on any festive snacks! I know she isn’t really old enough to remember, but it makes my heart happy as a mama to do things like this for her. 
Happy October to you all!

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