Upstairs House Tour

 Here is a look at part of our upstairs, minus Harper’s room (which is being transitioned into a big girl room, slowly but surely), the playroom/office (which will also be used as a guest room of sorts) & the new nursery. More to come on that later in a separate nursery planning post! 🙂
At the top of the stairs, our master is to the right, Harper’s room & a linen closet are at the end of the hall, the new nursery is the room with all the light coming out of it (it has a great window!), a guest bath which is to the immediate left & our laundry room around the corner.
The wall color throughout our entire house is this awful tan, it has a bit of a green tint in my opinion, similar to that of cat puke. Tan cramps my decorating style because I really lean towards bright whites & greys. Unfortunately it would cost a small fortune to repaint it because of some tall ceilings & the stairwell that we couldn’t do ourselves, so we are just sorta painting as we go. Our bedroom, Harper’s bedroom & the guest bath are all a very light grey (tinted just a tad darker than Glidden Toasted White).

Mark my words, we will move out of this house before I end up finding something to put on the wall behind the bed. I just can’t find the right thing for it, so I end up leaving it blank.  We are in the process of staining some new nightstands, so these two mismatched ones will be on their way out soon. We still need curtains & a few more accessories, but this room is finally coming together.
 Our master bathroom is almost complete. We painted it a dark charcoal when we first moved in, switched out the light fixtures & picked up some clearance mirrors (that we painted white) to replace the oversized builder mirrors that were glued on the wall. I made the mistake of picking a paint color first (without anything to match it to) so I have been on the hunt since day one for the right accessories. I just stumbled across this amazing rug & these towels that will soon complete the bathroom.

 At the top of the stairs to the left, we have our partially completed growth chart (what is it with me & unfinished projects?!), just a stained board with some added gold glitter paint at the bottom, still waiting for some painted white numbers. We have been adding Harper’s measurements though & love seeing the progress!
Our guest bath has also had a few changes since we moved in. We added the light fixture, faucet & knobs to match the antique bronze in the rest of the house. We also took down the glued on mirror in here & hung this one that I found at Home Goods a few years ago.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the upstairs so far! 🙂

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