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You all know we are huge fans of Land of Nod over here, so I am super excited to bring you all a giveaway just in time for the holidays! Through the end of the day, they are offering 20% off all ride on toys, which includes our very favorite toy ever, the This Little Piggy Rocker!! And we are giving one away to one lucky reader!
Harper absolutely adores her pig, every day at naptime, she puts her tutu & headband on the pig while she sleeps, and always kisses it goodnight. Seriously, I think this toy will be in our family forever!! We got it for her at Christmas last year & she has loved it every day since! πŸ™‚ All Land of Nod toys make me smile, the girls will be surprised this year with the Felt Fruits & Vegetables under the tree to go along with their play kitchen. They are really big in person, I think both girls will really love them! The watermelon & giant head of lettuce are my favorites. Aren’t these the cutest?!
The winner of the This Little Piggy Rocker is The Rodriguez Crew. Please email me if you don’t get an email from me shortly! πŸ™‚ Thank you all so much for entering, stay tuned for some more Land of Nod fun in the Spring! XO

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  1. love that little pig! I think the felt food toy would be perfect for my niece this christmas though. she's very into textures right now (including anything faux fur – a girl after my own heart!) and I know these would be top of her list to play with πŸ™‚

  2. I would give this little Land of Nod piggy rocker to our baby girl who is almost a year old. Her daddy works in Seattle's Pike Place Market where there is a big pig statue in the center of the market. While daddy is hard at work near the big pig in the market, this little piggy rocker would be such a sweet friend to keep her company at home.

  3. I adore the Teepees they have! If we won the pig I would actually donate to the clinic I work for. We are a non-profit organization that sees low income and homeless patients for discounted and free services. We see a lot of kids and I think they would get joy from the piggy! Merry Christmas!

  4. hands down, i am eyeing that sweet knit bowling set for the girls for a birthday gift for next year!!! although i think i might want the piggy just as much…great giveaway my friend!

  5. I love their Rainboat Wood Stacking Toy! I just had my first baby, a little boy, a week and a half ago, and I would love to get that (and save it for a few months) for him! The colors are so much fun!

    –allie //

  6. This Little Piggy Rocker is my favorite from Land of Nod! I would LOVE to win this for my 20 month old son! He absolutely loves pigs and says "Oink Oink!" whenever he sees one! I know he would go crazy Christmas morning if he woke up to this under the tree!!! <3

  7. I've been eyeing that little piggy since you posted it last year! My 2yr old would absolutely adore that rocker, as would her younger sis ter when she's bigger(currently 8wks old). What a wonderful giveaway!

  8. This Little Piggy Rocker is my FAVORITE from Land of Nod! I would love to win this for my 20 month old son! He absolutely loves pigs and says "Oink Oink!" whenever he sees one! I know he would go crazy Christmas morning if he woke up to this underneath the tree!!! <3

  9. I dream of getting my son Charlie the play house tent someday! He is 14 months and loves all things imaginary. He would love the little Pig and it would make the most perfect gift under the tree this year! πŸ™‚

  10. My name is juliane Thompson! My twins would love love the pig it's so cute! (I could only comment as private but can supply my contact info if I win!!) πŸ™‚

  11. I absolutely love this pig rocker from Land of Nod along with everything they make. My husband loves all things piggy because he shared a likeness of pigs with his mother who sadly passed away from Leukemia when he was 13. Since finding out that we are expecting our first baby (a girl!) this March, he has been buying pig stuffed animals for our little lady because he hopes to share this bond with our daughter as well. I want to win this pig rocker so that I can give it to my husband for Christmas so that he can in turn give it to our daughter and continue the love of all things that OINK! I know it's a sappy story but hey it is the holidays after all!

  12. I love Land of Nod's awesome selection of wooden and felt toys. They're awesome AND aren't bad on the eyes when they're strung through the house. πŸ˜‰ The pig is adorable. I'd give her to my baby niece!

  13. I we we love everything from Land of Nod so it's hard to pick out our fav thing! This Little Pig would make the perfect addition to our loft for our sweet 2 yr old!!

  14. The Land of Nod seriously has the best imaginative and interactive toys for children of all ages. Looking at their website makes ME excited to play with some of them. I love the rockers (the little pig is absolutely adorable), but I think that if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the arctic rocker. The face of the polar bear is just too cute. If I won the giveaway, the rocker would be given to our little boy, who is due in mid-January!

  15. I love the pig!! Our family adopted another local family who has small children. They cannot provide Christmas presents this year. I have already purchased most of their gifts and I know this would put an extra special smile on the kids' faces!

    P.S. I commented once but wasn't sure if I did it right.

  16. Love that piggy! It is my daughter, Maggie's first Christmas (she is 11 months old) and I would LOVE to give it to her! We already purchased a Land of Nod monogrammed chair for her – we love that place!

  17. We are obsessed with Land of Nod in our house. My most recent favorite purchase is the nautical themed toy bins!!!
    With that said, that piggy rocking toy would be so loved in our house. My 1 year old is obsessed with pigs. Merry Christmas!!

  18. I Love the pig, I went back and forth this Christmas to get it for my son but I just thought maybe he was too young this year. I would love to be able to get it for him next year.

  19. April and Violet knits dolls (blabla dolls) I do not think they are available anymore on Land of Nod, but they are my daugther's favorite. The one's name is Dolly and she is very very very loved, to the point, I tried to replace her, but it didn't work…..with the love and care from mom mom to fix her, she is still with us. She got her at 7 months old and she will be 8 in March!!!!

  20. My family lives in a farming community and as such my daughter Susan is enchanted by all of the animals. This would be a gift for her and thus would allow her to play with and ride on the animals that her mommy otherwise (wisely) says no riding to. Yes, this mommy frowns on riding random live barnyard animals.

  21. We have one piggy rocker but are in desperate need of another as a certain toddler will not share with her adoring sister! I would give it to our littlest who turns one in March :sigh:!

  22. We have a set of colorful Land of Nod blocks that our almost two-year-old just loves. Had our eye on the piggie for her birthday in February. Zoey goes crazy for it when she sees it in the catalog. Yes. Our 22 month old "reads" the Land of Nod catalog! Such a character!

  23. I would give it to my best friend's daughter for her second birthday on December 27th! Their whole life is urban farm themed so this little piggy would be so stinkin' adorable in her big girl room, especially as she's about to become a big sister! Big sisters deserve piggy rockers πŸ˜‰

  24. I LOVE the pig! My 14 month old daughter would just think that would be the neatest thing! It would be such a blessing to receive it as a christmas present for her! I also love the Teepees that they sell, but unfortunately they are out of my price range. Have a great Christmas!

  25. I LOVE the pig! My 14 month old daughter would just think that would be the neatest thing! It would be such a blessing to receive it as a christmas present for her! I also love the Teepees that they sell, but unfortunately they are out of my price range. Have a great Christmas!

  26. Cailyn's current favorite toy is her Rainbow Stacker. She loves stacking all the rings onto the peg in any order she can. With a new addition on the way, I think The Little Piggy would make a perfect addition, and be loved for years to come!

  27. Growing up, pigs were my favorite animal, so obviously I love love the rocker! I was also eying the play food since we are making (crazy r us over here) a play kitchen for our daughter for Christmas. I mean the frozen treats…stupid cute!

  28. I know my son would love the pig when he gets a little older! I've been eyeing it for quite some time now! I also love the teepee as it was my favorite "toy" as a child!

  29. My 3 year old daughter Sadie would love the pig rocker and I'm sure her 17 month old brother would have fun stealing rocks on it whenever she isn't looking! ; )

  30. Oh my goodness where has the land of nod been this whole time?!? How did I miss it? I am loving the store. I really like the play teepees and the kitchen food is so cute too. I would be giving the piggy rocker to my daughter who turns one on Christmas Day πŸ™‚ she would love it

  31. We are obsessed with Land of Nod! My oldest has the striped sleeping bag with the big pink bow and our littlest is getting one this year– along with the new doll sleeping bags that match!

  32. We love the teepees. Would love to win this little pig, pigs are all the rage at a our house right now. "Oink oink" is all here from my daughter as she is obsessed. So this would totally rock her world.

  33. My 16 month old loves peppa pig. She would ADORE this for Christmas! Any pig toy/book she adores. Land of Nod has great toys. I vote this as my favorite toy or of course a teepee for my little book worm to read her books! Happy Holidays!

  34. That pig is SO adorable! I would love to give this to my 6 week old niece, Gemma, because we call her Gemma Pig. She makes THE most adorable piggy noises, not that I am biased πŸ˜‰ Her big sister Eleanor (3 next month) would love to play with the pig too!

  35. I love the camper tent & rainbow wood stacking toy… this pig is adorable too! Pretty much anything Land of Nod is good in my books! If we were to win – I know our 2 year old & impending sibling would LOVE it!

  36. Me and my little ladies visited the site of Land of Nod and were knocked out at once. Actually we had never seen anything like this before. All the things are adorable, fun creative and imperfectly perfect πŸ™‚ The BIG PIG was the favorite with no competition as "HE is really big and so ALIVE (in my daughters words, 4 years). So the letter to Santa was corrected and one more point was added at once. Oh, Santa …

  37. I would give this little Land of Nod piggy to our little girl who is almost a year old. Her daddy works in Pikes Place Market out here in Seattle where there is a pig statue in the center of the market. So while daddy is hard at work near the big pig in the market, this little piggy rocker would be such a sweet friend to keep her company.

  38. I've had my eye on that pig since you got it last year! We just had a baby girl & I would give it to her because we are all about sweet and girly things as she is the first girl after several boys! I also really love the land of nod tepees and sleeping bags!

  39. I absolutely love this little pig rocker. Obsessed since seeing it under your tree for Harper last year. Now with a little one of my my own, I can only imagine how much she would love rockin' away on it! Her favs right now are the Nod blocks and her jumbo knit stacker from Land of Nod. Wishing you and the fam a merry merry Christmas!

  40. I absolutely love this little pig rocker. Obsessed since seeing it under your tree for Harper last year. Now with a little one of my my own, I can only imagine how much she would love rockin' away on it! Her favs right now are the Nod blocks and her jumbo knit stacker from Land of Nod. Wishing you and the fam a merry merry Christmas!

  41. I love the piggy, but I also love their canopy's for a sweet little reading nook! I'm sure my daughter would love the pig! She actually loves Peppa Pig, her favorite part is making to oink sounds at the beginning! πŸ™‚

  42. I adore this pig! My two year old would love it. She's all about farm animals right now and I actually named her Charlotte after Charlotte's Web! We love love love Land of Nod it's where we got her bedding last year for Christmas!

  43. My favorite is the pig! I would give it to my three year old daughter Belle who absolutely loves rocking in my back! She would really love this!

  44. We have had our eyes on a Land of Nod teepee for a few months and are so excited to get one for our babe's first birthday in March. I know she would love the pig too…anything stuffed animal like is her jam these days!

  45. I have been a fan of Land of Nod since my dear friend had a baby and used the store on her registry! Such a cute and classic store. I think the teepees are adorable and make a playroom extra special. I would love the pig to keep for when I have a child one day. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  46. I love the piggy but my son is 4 so I would have to say the living room bowling lanes which are under our tree to be opened on Christmas morning! If I won the pig I would give it to my 9 month old niece Chandler πŸ™‚

  47. Omg I love the pig rocker! I'd never seen anything like it until your post a while ago. So fun! If I won I'd give it to my niece who is about to become a big sister (any day now! eeeeps!) to help her feel like she's still a very special little girl this holiday πŸ™‚

  48. Love this! I'd give it to my two year old daughter, whom I caught hugging a stuffed rocking horse and shrieking, "you're so beautiful!" when I picked her up from mother's day out the other week! Her baby brother (currently incubating) would be sure to love it one day, too πŸ™‚

  49. My daughter Aubrey is 15 months old and I know she would adore this pig and have such a blast with it! We Love land of nod:) We also bought her a kitchen this year can't wait for her to get it on xmas morning, this would be such a wonderful addition!

  50. This little piggy went to Land of Nod. This little piggy went home. My little piggy wished for a piggy rocker. My little piggy got none:( My little piggy cried "Wee wee wee!" all the way home! I have crushed on this rocker and the black and white teepee ever since you first posted about them! Unfortunately, it hasn't been in our "piggy bank"/budget. Our daughter, Lennon, would be so surprised if she received this for Xmas/birthday (Jan. 2nd)!

  51. Any of the felt food. My son is 16 months old and he is getting a kitchen for Christmas from his great grandmother. He is very into playing pretend and feeding his stuffed animals. πŸ™‚

  52. I love land of nod! The tee pees would be something I would love for my little guy. And that pig would be something I'm sure he would love! His bedroom is filled with land of nod items because they are so adorable we would love to win!

  53. That pig is darling! My babes would have so much fun with it. I'd say we would give it to my.9 month old daughter but I'm pretty sure her 3 year old brother would love it too!

  54. The fruit is cute, but I love the pig and would gift this to my 2 1/2 year old little cousin! With her imagination growing everyday,I can't wait to see what she would do with with fun fella!

  55. My husband and I just found out TODAY that the little nugget in my belly is a girl….so I would be totally selfish and keep this little piggy for our future baby. You get to spoil the first one anyways, right? It has stood out in my mind since you first posted about it last year and I've loved it ever since!

  56. I would give it to my nephew, who was born THIS MORNING at 2:57 am. I was up at the hospital the whole time and I'm pooped, but I have to enter before bed! I would give it to him before Christmas because his room has a piggy theme!

  57. my two year old daughter adores ride on toys and may be peppa pig's biggest fan. she would be so happy to receive this sweet piggy rocker. we are big land of nod fans and really like all the colored building blocks they have!

  58. I love the pig! When I was younger, I had a rocking horse named Water…he was loved and cherished for many years. I think my kids would go crazy over a rocking pig, and I would love to hear the name they'd come up with!

  59. My little's current favorite is the FOX rattle – but little does he know, the STALLION ROCKER will be under the tree for his very 1st Christmas! I've had my eye on the RACECAR for his upcoming 1st Birthday at the end of January. VROOM!

  60. I love the pig rocker since you posted it last year. My two year old would love it and my six month old would be able to use it later too. We are moving into a new house soon and this would be perfect for redecorating her room. Fingers crossed!

  61. Pick me, pick me!!! I would love this piggy under the tree for my sweet 4 month old, Evelyn! I have loved pigs ever since I was little, would love to start an infatuation with her!!! Plus, then she can have something big brother and sister can envy.


  62. The floral teepee is adorable and so is the pig rocker! I woud give it to my 10 month old daughter, she has 2 older brothers so we love anything girly πŸ™‚

  63. No way… no joke out little man is OBSESSED with pigs! Lol, we visited a pumpkin patch last October that had baby piglets & ever since then he literally talks about them ever darn day. He even told Santa that he wanted to be a "pig daddy" & alls he wanted for Christmas was a PIG. YEP A PIG! Hahaa.. this would be more than perfect! Thanks for the sweeeet chance! xx

  64. I hope I didn't miss out on this! I love love love The Land of Nod! This little pig would be so sweet in my son Samson's room! Their toys are so much fun & their tents are the best around!

  65. My sweet little gal would love this! She will be two in March and she absolutely loves climbing and getting into everything. I love the little piggy rocker of course but the personalized chairs run a close second in my book!

  66. Love the teepees and the pig rocker! My daughter, Nola, would love it! My brother raises pigs, and she adores them and loves to play farmer.

  67. Right now, my favorite toy on The Land Of Nod site is the Carry Home Dollhouse!!! Its so adorable and I want it for my 2 year old daughter so bad!!! The pig is A-MAZING! I would fall over if I won it for my girl! What a fun present! Fingers and toes crossed! Thanks πŸ™‚

  68. THE PIG!! When I was a newborn, a family friend gave me a Gund stuffed pink pig. Anyways, it was my favorite, go-to stuffed animal, had to have it everywhere. It is so worn out but yet still so cute, I have it for when I have a baby, to put in their nursery. So the rocker would be perfect!! For sure would go in the nursery!

  69. We would love to win this little pig from Land of Nod and Little Baby Garvin! My hubby and I are currently in the two week wait during our second IVF cycle! After struggling with infertility for a few years, we started our IVF journey in September with an unsuccessful cycle and thought what better time of year to try again than "the most magical time of year". We will find out on Christmas Eve if we have achieved a Christmas miracle of our own, and receiving our first baby gift of this little pig rocker would be so perfect! As life-long Iowans, this little piglet would be a fitting addition to our family name….the Piggott's. Ha!

  70. We don't have any Land of Nod toys yet – I'm always drooling over the website! My 2 year old daughter LOVES pigs and would squeal with delight to receive this! I know she'd love it!

  71. My absolute favorite toy from Land of Nod is the Little Piggy Rocker. It is adorable! My brother and his wife just welcomed their 5th child, a girl named Tessa Rose. Her 4 siblings are 18, 16, 15, and 11! Quite a surprise for our family, but such a blessing! I would love to be able to give her the Little Piggy Rocker for her first Christmas! Thank you!

  72. OMG! I LOVE pigs…and Land of the Nod. I just ordered the fuzzy girly boots for our daycare mommies daughter. Love them. I would give this little piggy to our 6 month old son for Christmas if we won!!!!

  73. Our 2.5 year old daughter would LOVE the pig from the Land of Nod. Not only is she obsessed with all things animal but anything she can ride on and take for a "spin" πŸ™‚ We adore all of the goodies available at the Land of Nod. Happy Holidays!

  74. My favorite Land of Nod toy is definitely the Black and White Tee Pee. Unfortunately, we have no where to put it. My 18 month old daughter would absolutely adore the pig rocker though. Awesome gift!

  75. I've been considering this pig rocker since last christmas when I saw it on your blog. I only had a son at the time and thought it was a little too girly for him. I now have the most precious little girl who NEEDS this piggy;)

  76. That pig rocker is adorable. I have two young girls as well and they were get a kick out of it. We too got our girls a play kitchen for christmas. I adore those felt fruits and veggies and they would be perfect to go along with it.

  77. So many things to love on that site! My favorites are the olive green teepee and the Greater Pyramid blocks — my son was five weeks yesterday, so he has a bit of growing to do before he can enjoy them!

  78. I was going to get this piggy for my little for Christmas this year cuz if saw it last year on your blog and fell in love! My Ivy girl is a little fire cracker like Harper and I knew she would love it but I couldn't figure out how to get it shipped to Canada. It is def my fave land of nod toy!!

  79. Our tiny lady P would love a pig for her nursery! We are smitten with all things Land of Nod, but anything pig related gets the smile in our house — the rocker would be a good addition to our nightly routine of "this little pig" and would quickly become our new favorite toy I'm certain πŸ˜‰
    Merry Christmas!

  80. Our almost-one-year old is getting a Nod Chair for Christmas (hard to choose just that!) and the rocker piggy would be just perfect for his first birthday! πŸ™‚

  81. My daughter Scarlett would absolutely adore the Land of Nod ride on pig! It's so fitting because she started laughing a few months ago and has such a squeal-y laugh that we call her "piggy" πŸ™‚

  82. The pig has always been a favorite. As well as all of their musical instruments. My 19 month old gets so excited anytime she sees a rocking horse. She runs up to it and says "E-I-E-I-O?? Yeah! Yeah!" It's her way of asking to ride it. It's so funny and I know she'd love a rocking pig of her own!

  83. I would love love love this little piggy rocker for my son! He is totally at that age and it would be perfect in his room!! Fingers crossed!

  84. I wanted to get the pig for my daughter really bad but then my in-laws bought her an elephant from Pottery Barn. It's really cute but I really want the pig! And if I won the pig, it wouldn't be like I was replacing the elephant. πŸ™‚ There's no reason why we can't have two rockers in the house!

  85. My 1 year old would absolutely ADORE this little piggy (and I am dying to see him on it!)! I can just see him squeezing that little piggy face πŸ™‚ But we also love the Land of Nod personalized bean bag chair and the wooden stacking burger and fries set – it's ADORABLE!

  86. I love this little piggy and would be gifting it to my dear friend who just had a baby yesterday. It is her second baby, and her first was born with a severe heart defect and just had a heart transplant at age 5 last summer. They deserve a beautiful gift!

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