Halloween 2013

Happy November 1st!! I woke up this morning SO excited that today is the official start of the “holiday” season! 🙂 I am already dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner & have had Christmas music on since breakfast. Bring on the madness!
But first, we must recap Halloween! 🙂
We had beautiful weather here yesterday, so spent most of the afternoon outside setting up for the festivities. Harper was a wild child, she knew it was Halloween & had every intention of being a little extra crazy just because of it. How very festive of her.
 Brandon made signs out of some wood leftover in the garage from the workbench he built. Such a champ! 🙂 He threw some stain on them & I painted them with some white (and glow in the dark) paint! We used these to point trick-or-treaters in the right direction to get to the backyard!
 On the back patio, we had our candy buffet & goodies all set up for our friends & all of the trick-or-treaters. The Kit-Kat bars disappeared in a hot second, then everyone went for the cupcakes & popcorn. One little girl told us that we had the best candy in the neighborhood. Another girl looked at the display & said “there is nothing here that I want” & bounced. I almost peed my pants.

 And then there were costumes.
Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!!
 We had the most fun ever with this costume!! I love a good family costume, but it is certainly not the easiest thing to put together. I mentioned it to Brandon a few weeks ago & he was immediately on board thinking he could get away with wearing some Chicago Bears football gear. Worked for me!
When Harper saw my face painted, she couldn’t stop puckering up to kiss me, the funniest thing!! I had brought my eyeliner pen down to paint her nose & she LOVED IT. She stood totally still & was so happy to have a kitty nose like mama. It was the highlight of  my night!

She had the absolute best time trick-or-treating & helping to hand out candy to everyone. Overall, the most fun holiday so far! I can’t wait to see what she thinks of Thanksgiving & Christmas this year!! Hope you all had the most amazing & fun Halloween!!

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