Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! We are kicking off this Monday with an extra festive Love List, since I am totally in the holiday spirit today!
This may have something to do with it.
1. Red nails. ‘Tis the season! Harper’s little tootsies even got a bright coat of red this week. Now just working on her Christmas vocab… “Santa!” “Christmas!” “Shitter’s Full!” You know, the necessities.
2. Thanksgiving decorations are going up tomorrow… new prints, white pumpkins & as always, a festive garland! 🙂 It took me forever to get rid of Halloween stuff sprinkled around the house & I’m pretty sure Harper isn’t going to give up the pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket anytime this century. 
Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?!
3. Nothing makes me more excited for the holidays than Christmas flavored Philosophy body wash. I rave about them all the time because they are honestly the best. My pumpkin pie is almost gone which means it is almost time to make the festive switch! These are also my go-to Christmas gift for all the lovely ladies in my life!
4. All mint everything. I craved peppermint when I was pregnant with Harper & have been craving it again this time around. Lucky for me, being pregnant around the holidays means it is everywhere! I am on the hunt for the perfect mint chocolate cookie. You know, other than thin mints.
5. Christmas music! I will always wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up the tree & most decorations, but that won’t stop me from listening to Christmas music starting the day after Halloween. See my all time favorites on my holiday playlist here!
6. Harper absolutely must have this festive nightgown. A nightgown on a toddler?! I can’t even. I am also obsessed with these red & grey one pieces & plan to scoop one up for baby number two! 🙂
7. Speaking of babe number two… my belly seems to be growing like crazy this week & I made my very first baby purchase. A pair of white fur booties to match mamas!

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