Harper’s Christmas List & Toddler Gift Ideas

To put together a toddler gift guide would be really hard since kids really start to take interest in totally different things by this point. Harper isn’t a huge fan of “toys.” We’ve discussed getting her a play kitchen, but ultimately decided it might just end up just sitting there unused after two weeks. She prefers toys that she can pack up into her bags or wagon & wheel around with her. Maybe we can save that for a birthday gift. She loves books, art & of course, doing all things that mama is doing! 😉
Here is a rundown of Harper’s Christmas list, hopefully this will be helpful for any of you still looking for gifts for your toddlers!
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For Harper’s “big gift” from Santa, she is getting a play table. She loves kid sized furniture so we just know she is going to love it. We decided on a play table from Ikea, not only because of the price, but I actually really love the simple look of it & have read great reviews from other bloggers. We plan on giving it a total makeover before Christmas morning though! 🙂 AND this specific table is available for purchase online!!
I really love the idea behind “something you want, something you need, something to wear & something to read” as a guideline for gifts. We are getting Harper a few books, she LOVES animals & pretty pages, so I found Oh No, George & Little Owl Lost which I think will go over well. Her other favorite thing is dolls & stuffed animals, and since I absolutely love the BlaBla Dolls she already has, we are getting her a mini Pom the Apple Doll this year. The alphabet puzzle & stackable crayons are going to be not only fun for her, but educational so she can keep working on her alphabet & growing that little creative side that I know she has deep down! 😉 A few cute hair accessories for her to wear & a wooden play toaster just for fun will also be under the tree. 
I think she is going to have a very Merry Christmas!!
Harper was 10 months last Christmas, so I was buying for the one year age range really, and you can find last year’s Christmas list here! You can also find monthly favorites here for gift ideas for other age ranges! 🙂

In addition to her gifts, we will do a small stocking with a few little goodies, which I will be sure to share soon! She is also obsessed (obsessed is a total understatement) with balloons, so I am thinking of getting some red & green balloons to tie on her high chair to make Christmas morning a little extra special.

Do you have any fun traditions or surprises for your kiddos?! I can’t wait to spend more time planning our Christmas. Hope you guys are all having an amazing week so far!



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