Striped Express Sweater from a few years ago (similar here & here)
How far along: 17 weeks
Gender: Girl (or as Harper says, sissy!)
Weight gain: 6 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: Still just wearing maternity leggings most of the time but have started scoping out some new jeans, rather than getting maternity jeans I look for my favorite pairs of low rise jeans in the next size up. These toothpick jeans are my favorite & have been on clearance racks in the stores lately, usually with an additional 40% off sale price. Better than any maternity jean I’ve seen! 😉
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: It can’t quite decide.
Sleep: Sleeping well minus midnight hunger pains! I need to go back to the dorm room days & keep a mini fridge next to the bed.
Best moment this week: Making some progress on nursery decisions. This is such an overwhelming task I think, but I finally feel like we are headed in the right direction. I can’t wait to share our plans for both girls rooms after the holidays!
Worst moment this week: I actually experienced the whole “peeing in your pants when you sneeze” situation. It’s a real thing.
Miss anything: I miss fitting into all of my clothes, this is the really awkward stage where your belly is big but you maybe don’t look all that pregnant? Maternity clothes are too big but everything else is too small.
Movement: Yes! Feeling little kicks here & there, enough that Brandon could feel the baby once already! This is truly the best part of being pregnant. Well, other than food.
Cravings: Popsicles, apples & vanilla cupcake goldfish… you know you’re pregnant when you raid your toddler’s snack stash on the reg.
Queasy or sick: Nothing too bad but feeling turned off by red meat still.
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving next week!! Bring on all the good food! Also just excited to have so much family around, nothing like a house full of people (a few extra hands to help take care of the toddler tornado) & lots of shopping! 🙂

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