20 weeks, we are halfway there!!! Like I said last week, I feel like I should be rounding out week 34 at least, it feels like I have been pregnant all year! Looking so forward to baby girl’s arrival, I swear it is harder to be patient with pregnancy the second time around! πŸ˜‰
Also, if you’re wondering, since apparently my mom was & had to call me out on it (love you mom!) the reason that my chalkboards aren’t as elaborate, colorful, etc. this time around is honestly just due to the lack of time. Between juggling Harper, work, the blog, and well, life in general, I have a hard time keeping up with these chalkboards. I knew I wanted to document my pregnancy the same way with this baby (eventually to make another baby book too!) but can barely keep track of how many weeks I am, let alone being able to spend all the time that I did before (kidless) making them as fun as I wanted to. There are never enough hours in the day!

GapFit Long Sleeve | Maternity Leggings

How far along: 20 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 6 lbs.+ (weighing in from my 16 week appointment)
Maternity clothes: Maternity leggings & oversized sweatshirts for the win.
Stretch marks: No, still using Mustela Double Action Stretch Mark Cream, same as last time!
Belly button in or out: Debatable
Sleep: Sleeping great, despite battling a stuffy nose at night.
Best moment this week: Not necessarily pregnancy related, but we are just having a blast with Harper & all of the holiday fun this year. She is growing so much with her personality & vocabulary, her excitement for everything has me feeling so happy & blessed. I love her to pieces & can’t wait to see what life will be like with TWO!
Worst moment this week: I have had major pregnancy brain lately! Put cinnamon in our taco seasoning instead of cumin, almost put half & half in Harper’s sippy cup instead of milk & have been forgetful beyond belief. It’s like I’m constantly April fools-ing myself.
Miss anything: I feel like singing “If I only had a brain…” much of the day. Or is it, “If I only had a beer…” πŸ™‚
Movement: Kicks have finally become a lot stronger & more frequent this week. I can feel her moving around & Brandon can even feel it on the outside. This makes pregnancy a lot more fun!
Cravings: Fruit (grapes, apples, strawberries), cereal & Steak n’ Shake cheeseburgers.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good!
Looking forward to: Christmas, of course!!

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