A Very Merry Christmas

Oh my goodness, what a crazy last few days! So hard to believe that Christmas has come & gone, so much anticipation feels like it is gone in the blink of an eye. So happy to have videos & pictures that captured it all!

On Christmas Eve, we spent most of the day wrapping presents & baking. Harper was a hot mess in Church, squealing, chattering & putting goldfish in the woman’s coat hood in front of us, so we ended up ducking out just before the candlelight portion at the end. Saving ourselves from disaster. We went on a frantic last minute grocery run for a few things after that (which also didn’t end well) so we were happy to finally get home & put Harper to bed. It was so much fun getting to play Santa, setting out all of the presents under the tree is officially my favorite part of Christmas Eve!! 😉
By that point, we were entirely too excited to sleep!!

I will never forget the look on Harper’s face when she got to see all of her gifts under the tree in the  morning. She was mesmerized & oh-so-happy!

Harper loved her play table & wanted to “rock, rock, rock” on her pig rocker all day! We have also been watching Monsters, Inc. lately so I couldn’t help but get her a little Boo stuffed doll that I found last minute at Target. She went nuts when she opened it & started hugging it like crazy. It was the cutest!
The stackable crayons were also such a huge hit, she loved coloring with them on her new table but also was obsessed with stacking them & putting them on her fingers. It was all fun & games until her Boo doll (and the cat) wouldn’t color with her.

We spent most of the day in our pajamas, shuffling through piles of wrapping paper that I wanted to leave on the floor forever & watching the Christmas Story marathon. We had my brothers over for brunch around eleven & exchanged gifts with them. And if you read my last post, you’ll know why we were so so so excited to give one of my brothers a gift that we have been scouring ebay for, for months, a Michael Jordan cardboard standup!! 😉
The Home Alone fan in me desperately wanted to strap it to a train set & jam out to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree before my brother took it home.

We colored and colored and colored some more, then played cards until way past our bedtime. We missed being with our parents & seeing snow on Christmas but loved getting to start new traditions that Harper will get to look forward to every year at our house. Every year, I cry when Christmas is over, and this year was no exception. It was the most fun, relaxing, magical Christmas ever.

I hope you all had the MOST amazing Christmas with the ones you love!! Cheers to the last week of 2013!!! 🙂

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