Happy Christmas Week!

Less than a week until Christmas. How is that possible? We have been loving every single second of this holiday season over here, chaos and all, it is the absolute best. I love the girls running into our room first thing to tell us where the elf is & what sort of mischief she is up to. Our elf is pretty well behaved (read: lazy) so mostly she just moves from room to room, but the day she wrote on the bathroom mirror? Well, that was just the best. 😉 There is nothing I love more than kids excitement about Christmas. We took them to see Santa a few weekends ago. Eloise & Claire wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, Harper loved chatting with him and getting a candy cane after.

Today was the big girls last day of school, they made reindeer food in their classes and are bursting at the seams to sprinkle it on the yard on Christmas Eve!! We have dozens of cookies to still frost & are planning our annual baking day for Friday just in time for the weekend. We always drive around looking at lights & drop cookies off to all of our favorite friends & neighbors. Our family will be arriving on Christmas Eve and we can’t wait to have a house full of family, hopefully drinking a little eggnog and watching Christmas movies on repeat in front of the fire!

Also wanted to share a few last minute gifts & stocking stuffers! We did the rest of our shopping yesterday, which is always one of my favorite days of the year, and I can’t wait to get started wrapping (which I actually suck at, but do enjoy the fun of it!).

If you still need things for the kiddos, my girls are obsessed with these jumbo sticker books, they literally keep them busy for hours.

Our favorite tutu dresses for girls are marked down to $5.99, such a steal!!!

Probably the best cookbook of all time, laughed out loud reading it & totally something you’ll want after eating sweets all season long!

Everything at Gap is 51% off today with Christmas Delivery! Grabbed these adorable Valentine’s tights for Claire’s stocking!

And the best yet. We got the girls all four seasons of …wait for it… David the Gnome! on DVD! and I cannot freaking wait to watch it with them!!! Somebody tell me this was your favorite show as a child too?!

Hope you all are having the BEST week!!! Tis the season to be Merry!






  1. That cookbook!!
    And I totally forgot all about David the Gnome! That was one of my favorite shows! I cannot believe you found it on DVD!

  2. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! David the Gnome?! Girl, your post was cute and all, but then you drop that? I LOVED that show growing up, my brother still teases me about it. Now I don’t remember anything else you mentioned. And why is this not on Netflix? Off to see if it can be downloaded from Amazon Prime, because 10hr car rides are in need of new entertainment…

  3. David the Gnome! I remember crying because I had to miss David the Gnome to visit my mom’s friend in the hospital. My mom probably wishes there was such a thing as a DVR back then, ha!

  4. Thank you for reminding me of that show! I never could remember the name! THEN Amazon reminded me about the Gummi Bears!! YES! SO excited! My 4 year old even turned off the Barbie movie to watch it! Thanks Google Chrome Cast and You Tube!

  5. Do you take all of your pictures with a camera, or with your phone? I am trying to get better about using my Nixon DSLR, but i feel like I have no idea what I’m doing!! [and….what’s your pancake recipe?!!]

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