Heart Shaped Everything

Hope you all are having a great Valentine’s week so far! We have another snow day so Brandon is home from work & Harper is putting socks on her hands every two minutes thinking it is her golden ticket to go play outside. I thought I would share some details on some of the fun heart shaped foods we have been cooking up lately, some super easy things that you can throw together in no time & hopefully your kids will love as much as Harper has!
These mini pizzas are the easiest. I just used a thing of pillsbury dough, pulled it apart & formed it into heart shapes. One roll of thin crust dough made three smaller sized pizzas & you just bake them according to the directions on the package. You can add any toppings you want, we did mostly just cheese but added a few heart shaped pepperonis cut out with a mini cookie cutter. This is my favorite because Harper loves helping make homemade pizza, especially putting the toppings on.

And then there’s breakfast. You know my love for a holiday themed breakfast! Some XO french toast cut out with cookie cutters with some fresh fruit that is pretty much already heart shaped & you are good to go! 😉

Another easy treat that I love giving to friends/family is festive popcorn! I made regular white popcorn, sprinkled on a little sea salt, drizzled it in melted white chocolate chips & added some simple heart sprinkles before it hardened. You can get creative with this by adding pretzels, chex or m&ms, you know the drill! 😉 You can also use almond bark instead of white chocolate if you want it to harden quicker. A perfect snack to throw little paper bags or mason jars to give as a sweet treat to the people you love! 
Happy baking & heart-shaping! 😉 XO

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