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Happy Friday, friends! Our week mostly consisted of laundry, lots of naps & packing every last ounce of vitamin C into as many smoothies as we could. We are so looking forward to the weekend, happy to report that everyone is finally feeling better & I am so thankful for that.

It’s been forever since we’ve done Friday Favorites & I have so many gems to share this week! 

If you follow us on Instagram @jlgarvin, you might have seen the homemade grapefruit mint sugar scrub that Harper & I whipped up the other day while the babies were sleeping. I tripled the recipe so I would be able to make a few for some girlfriends (mini Valentine’s Day gifts!) It smells SO GOOD. I love everything grapefruit scented, after making this I realized I was washing my hands with grapefruit hand soap & washing the dishes in grapefruit dish soap. Doesn’t hurt that it’s also all pink! 😉

I am in the trenches of post-partum hair loss, once again, and my entire head is covered in one inch regrowth fuzz. It seems no matter what I do with my hair, I ultimately just want to throw a hat over it. So I was excited to see that my favorite pink pom beanie is on major sale today!
Obsessed with these new criss-cross ballet flats for girls, they’re almost identical to my Jessica Simpson ones that I wear all the time, probably the cutest mama + mini match to date!

We are working hard on adding lots of new meals to our weekly rotation, I made these Parmasean Baked Sweet Potato Fries for the girls & they might be their new favorite. They’re SO good. Side note: have I ever mentioned Eloise’s ketchup addiction on the blog before? 😉 She literally comes screaming into the kitchen yelling “tetch-up! tetch-up!” at every meal.

Olive You shirts are back in stock for Valentine’s Day, and are currently $5 off! It’s so hard to believe I made that chalkboard two years ago!

Adele raps Nicki Minaj. I mean, it’s just so good.

Also, for those of you who have asked about how I made our NYE video, I used imovie! It’s so easy & was so much fun to make!! I know things can get a little stale here on the blog sometimes, and I apologize, time is always lacking & my brain with three kids basically scrambled eggs. But! I have vowed to work really hard this year in bringing lots of new & exciting content, including videos. I have always taken tons of videos of the kids, we typically save them to dvds so we can watch them later, but I think this will be a more fun way of compiling some of our favorites on holidays we want to remember. 
Hope you all have a happy + warm three day weekend!!

PS. We just finished watching Breaking Bad on Netflix (LOVED IT), we have watched Parenthood, Dexter (our very favorite) & Orange is the New Black. We are looking for a new show to start, any recommendations?! XO


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  1. Definitely The Walking Dead if you haven't seen it. Great story and you will binge watch it guaranteed! Just like Breaking Bad! Dont worry so much with your blog. You are doing a great job, can't imagine how life would be with three young kids. Two is just what I can handle! They keep us busy. Always love reading your blog!

  2. I have watched all the series you listed and loved them! I would also recommend Prison break, The walking dead, and Friday night lights ?

  3. Oh my goodness! My second-born, who is Eloise's age, also has a ketchup obsession! Seriously- every meal he yells "tetch-up!" I catch myself acting like Claire on Elf saying "I didn't put it out- it's spaghetti" and then realizing no matter what the meal is, he's gonna want ketchup.
    I can't wait to use imovie. I'd love to start being more creative in the video memories I have of my kids.
    Love the blog!

  4. Just popping in to say, don't be so hard in yourself. The blog is not stale. Your humor, wit and beautiful photos is what I come for and you always deliver. The post you did in December with the home alone GIFs was genius! I always enjoy reading your posts. Don't compare yourself to others who may have more time or more help. Your blog and Instagram and completely YOU and that's what we all like!

  5. That scrub sounds like the most perfect summer scrub! We are signing up for Netflix this year, I have heard great things about Master of None & Jessica Jones.

  6. It seems like we have very similar taste in TV! My husband and I have been loving Narcos on Netflix, How to Get Away with Murder on ABC, and Making a Murderer on Netflix.

  7. We loved all those shows too! Some others to definitely watch are Friday Night Lights, Sons of Anarchy, and Masters of None (funny and super cute!).

  8. OH man I have soon many suggestions for Netflix: Supernatural, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Arrow and The Flash (depends on if you could get into superheroes) Chuck, The 100… If you don't like those or have seen them already, I have plenty more! I'm living that post-college, no social life because of 2 jobs life, so Netflix has been such a savior! Lol I love your blog so much, reading it when I was going through some of the tough times in school was always such a great distraction for me and your kids are ADORABLEEEE

  9. If you liked Orange is the New Black, You'll love Wentworth. It's similar but in my opinion much better and Netflix just added season 3 last week.

  10. Hey there! A couple of shows I have been loving on Netflix at the moment are Blue Bloods and Making a Murder. Hope this helps 🙂 Happy 3-day weekend!!

  11. Those are our favorites too! We also just finished House of Cards and really liked it. We LOVE Walking Dead!! (I never thought I would like it but finally gave in and was hooked in 3 episodes.) And next on our list is Narcos.

  12. Love this! I will definitely be using that sugar scrub recipe for hostess gifts at my baby shower!

    Those are some of our favorite Netflix binges!! We just finished Making a Murderer and it is a must watch! We also loved Mad Men! These aren't on Netflix, but if you have HBO go, Game of Thrones and the first season of True Detective are great choices! Also, if you suffer a slight depression of Breaking Bad being over like I did, Better Call Saul is a must! One more I have to suggest is Fargo!!! Those are just a few we have really loved! Hope that helps:)

  13. We have one episode left in The Killing – very very good (seasons 1 & 2 are the best, but 3 and 4 are still good). We also watched Bloodline which is good, but there's only one season so far so you binge watch and then…wait.

  14. I love those ballet flats for little girls 🙂 I'm definitely going to have to snag a pair for my daughter for the spring! That sugar scrub is such a great idea for valentine gifts for girlfriends… if I ever get some free time (HAHA) I might try to make some for my girls.

    Have you watched Heart of Dixie on Netflix? I was sceptical but I really like it!

  15. Will definitely have to try the scrub!

    For Claire's nap, do you lay her down wide awake or do you feed/rock her to sleep? If my 7.5 month old falls asleep on her own or if I lay her down after nursing, she will only nap 30 minutes tops. If she naps on me, she can go 1-2 hrs. I have a 2.5 year old that hangs out with daddy while the baby and I do nap time. Love reading your blog!!

  16. I loved Parenthood and OITNB – they are two of my very favorite shows!! In terms of starting a new Netflix series, I'd recommend White Collar. It's about an art forger/thief who starts working with the FBI to help them as a CI. My husband and I loved it!! 🙂

  17. Dexter and Breaking Bad have been our favorites too! Do you watch Walking Dead? We started binging that one a few months ago and are now caught up to the current season, and it's amazing!! Also, "Making a Murderer" is good!

  18. Shows: how to get away with murder! First season is on Netflix and second season is still playing. It is sooooo good!! I'm not into scary, but my mom loved Dexter and also loved Sons of Anarchy so you guys might like that!
    And we just finished the Making a Murderer doc it was creepy but worth the watch! I love parenthood but need to watch the last season!

  19. Loved this post!! Thanks for all the fantastic recommendations! As far as Netflix, we are watching Blue Bloods and it's awesome. It's with Tom Selleck who has been a favorite of mine since Friends 🙂 We also just started Making of Murderer last night which so far is pretty addicting!

  20. Scrambled eggs is the perfect way to describe a Mom's brain post kids. Thank you for sharing that sugar scrub recipe, cannot wait to try it for gifts (and myself!) The dreaded "showhole" as the commercials call it haha! Scandal is a favorite of mine. Walking Dead is really easy to get into– I love it! You have to get on the bandwagon of Making A Murderer though, so good! Good luck finding a new show!

  21. United States of Tara(hilarious & inappropriate), Parks and Recreation, Scandal, How to get Away with Murder. My husband loves House of Cards. Also the documentary Short Game is hilarious. It's about children who are competitive golfers and it's intense & adorable.

  22. Have you watched Making A Murderer? i have not, but I've heard SO much about it, so that's going to be my next Netflix binge! Pretty Little liars is also another good one, if you haven't already seen it 🙂

  23. I'm with ya on the grapefruit scent! LOVE it so much.

    Have you watched the mindy project? Currently bingeing on that.. can't wait to scoop up those flats! Super cute.

  24. OK 1) Totally making that sugar scrub! YUM! 2) Your blog NEVER gets stale. 3) Blacklist, Blacklist, Blacklist! My husband and I are totally hooked. It keeps you guessing, too. all.the.time.

  25. First of all Mama, give yourself grace. LOTS and LOTS of grace. Being a mom to three kids is LEGIT, especially three little ones close in age. You are doing awesome. There will come a day when you feel a little less like you are drowning. It will come but in the mean time just rest (ha!) and love those little ones.

    We love the show Suits if you haven't watched that yet. So good! and Gabriel Macht isn't bad to look at either. 😉

  26. Glad you're all feeling better! We just got over ours last weekend. My mom love, love, loves grapefruit. I just might have to make it for her. My husband and I started watching iZombie, soooooooo good!

  27. Raising Hope!!! So fun to watch as a couple 🙂 Light, laughable humor

    Also so happy you posted this Friday! I was looking forward to another post but didn't think it would be so soon 🙂

  28. I would love to know your process of putting your videos onto DVDs! I still haven't quite figured out an easy path to get them off my phone and stored properly!

  29. Here's a few! Grimm, Chicago PD, Community, New Girl, Castle, The Jinx, Hart of Dixie, The League (football related!), Marvels Daredevil, Nashville, The Newsroom, Up All Night, Witches of East End and of course, there's always the old faithfuls like Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill and How I Met a Your Mother!

  30. First ofd, I've been a reader since the beginning and still think your blog is great! Most of us here are moms and applaud you for tackling three kids every day and still making an awesome blog we love to read. Secondly, I second walking dead and house of cards. I just started watching making a murderer to see what the hype was about, but I'm only one episode in so I'm not sure. Hubby and I go through different shows, too! It's fun 🙂

  31. I highly recommend Downton Abbey, Suits, Game of Throanes, and Mad Men. Call the Midwife on Netflix is good too. We loved Breaking Bad, Dexter, & OITNB. So I think you will like these. Your blog is always fun to follow! Have a great week!
    – Lara Novosad

  32. Hart of Dixie is one of my favorites, and The Flash is also a good one if you can get into superheroes (I wasn't expecting to love it at all, but I'm a little obsessed).

  33. I haven't read the comments so I'm sure many people have already said these Netflix shows: House of Cards (my fav of these 3), Making a Murderer and Narcos!

    When in doubt, we watch Friends. over and over.

  34. Glad you are all feeling better, you are doing so much 3 happy pretty girls, a blog and a clean house!
    I thought I was the only one with the hair problem
    We love white collar, scandal and lie to me.
    If you dont mind reading subtittles Grand hotel is really good as well!

  35. i always love your blog! I have 2 kiddos, and I used to have a blog until my 8 months after my 2nd came along and then i stopped. I have no idea how you keep up with yours with 3 kids!! So, for Netflix shows,
    Making a Murdereris good, BUT it might make you go crazy, for real.
    Broadchurch – do it! If you love a good myster with some of the BEST hands down acting I've ever seen, watch that.
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a great cookey comedy.
    Blacklist is another fantastic thriller.
    Arrow has everything! Thriller, dark & mysterious, plot twists & a smokin hot guy = you can't go wrong!

  36. Once Upon A Time is my all time favorite show. I just finished watching The Mindy Project on Hulu and it was so good. So funny and even made me cry a time or two. Loved it.
    We are going to have to watch Breaking Bad, because we are looking for a new show too.
    And your blog is one of my favorites because we have girls the same age, except for I don't have a #3. My two keep me busy enough, so I can only imagine 3. But part of me sort of wants another baby! I love reading your blog, but totally understand family comes first! 🙂

  37. Girl! I have very similar tv tastes. Breaking bad is the best ever. Recently on Netflix, I've loved Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Broadchurch. Also, making a murderer is AWESOME, but you've heard that from everyone else.

  38. Have to ask, do you keep your scrub in the fridge before gifting? The directions say to keep in fridge but if I'm gifting, not sure how cool I can keep it. Thanks.

  39. We're obsessed with Making a Murderer right now, binge watching it … Sons of Anarchy was an ultimate favorite! Even if you're not a hardcore biker lol, just give it a few episodes ;), house of cards … I think my other recommendations you already watched. (weeds, breaking bad …) I always am negative about a NEW show until I'm in a few episodes and then I can't stop watching! haha 😉 I still love your blog! Keep it up mama! You're doing awesome! I think we all wonder how you juggle it all! xoxo -Leah

  40. That grapefruit scrub looks amazing!! I watched wentworth recently and it's similar to orange is the new black, so good! And I never thought
    I'd like it but the walking dead is so addicting and the characters are amazing!

  41. Your blog has never been "stale". It's great.
    The sugar scrub sounds amazing!

    Just finished Netflix binging on Royal Pains, Medium, Crossing Jordan and Sherlock. All very good. Some older but it's been awhile since watching them so they seem new.

  42. Hope you're all feeling much better!

    For shows, I'd recommend New Girl, The Mindy Project, Casual (on Hulu), Master of None (Netflix), Quantico, and anything on PBS if you love period dramas! (I'm also a huge fan of Lewis on Masterpiece Mystery.)

    Oh, and if you want a hilarious show sympathizing about what it's like to have three kids, try to find past seasons of Outnumbered – it aired in the UK and on BBC America and is one of the most accurate shows about parenting/family life I've seen. SO FUNNY!

  43. Had to comment to say that your blog is never stale!! This has been my favorite online space to visit for 3 years now 🙂 Can't wait to see what new you have planned though, I just love your sweet self! As for shows on Netflix, I see a lot of people saying House of Cards and I have to agree there. It's a great show. I loved Dexter but I saw that when it was still running on Showtime. Weeds is great as well. Frasier is my all time favorite show so that beginning to end was fun 😛 We are currently seeing what all the fuss is about with Making a Murderer. We're one episode in but it's very interesting to say the least. Let us know what you choose! xx

  44. My husband and I watch Game of thrones, Vikings, Banshee, Better call Saul (prequel to breaking bad- have only seen a couple episodes so we're not sure about it yet), Homeland

  45. You guys are our netflix binge show twins. We actual;ly watching MadMen right now, and finished Friday Night Lights a few months back. Which if you haven't watched, do, so good. We watched the first 2 seasons of House of Cards, but lost interest in Season 3, and we've seen the first 3 seasons of Homeland which is really good too.

  46. This is Life is a Lisa Ling documentary series that is good! Not POSITIVE it's still on Netflix, but it was last fall…she already aired season two on cable so that should be coming to Netflix within the next 6 months or so I would think!

  47. Don't you hate it when shows end!? We were huge fans of Breaking Bad and it was like saying goodbye to family…lol. We are big fans of Game of Thrones (watch this one now so you'll be ready for the new season in April!). We also watch The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul. The Newsroom, we watched together and absolutely loved…Jeff Daniels was brilliant. I also enjoy Nashville, but my husband can't get passed the corniness. lol This may be silly, but have you watched The Sopranos? We didnt watch it until a few years ago and couldn't believe we didn't watch it earlier!

  48. Prison Break!!!! My hubby and I also loved all the shoes you listed and we really enjoyed Prison Break! Currently we are watching Making a Murderer and Scandal which are both good as well!

  49. We loved Dexter too- except the ending.. We went from Dexter to Sons of Anarchy and that became my new favorite. Charlie Hunnam is AMAZING. I promise you will love it.

  50. I LOVE Hart of Dixie! It is so light-hearted and funny! I could watch it over and over! I am almost done with season two of One Tree Hill!! Brings back the good ole days….or not so good. LOL

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