Nursery Progress

I can’t believe we only have seven weeks to go! Honestly, I have not been quite as “on top of things” as I was with Harper, but I think that totally comes with the territory of being pregnant with a toddler. All of a sudden all of our weekends are being booked & baby girl will be here before we know it! We have quite a few things to check off the list still, but have finally made some great progress in the nursery so I wanted to share some pictures!

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I love picking out some books to go with the colors in a room, I found a few last week at the bookstore (loved the gold dots & deer on the front of the Rapunzel book!) and am planning to display them in a wire basket of some sort. I have been drawn to deer for this room for some reason, between that & the tree stump table, it is feeling very woodsy & I am loving it! 🙂 I ordered a few prints (actually in the form of greeting cards in 4×6 and 5×7 sizes which are significantly less expensive) for her room & plan to make another one myself just to tie it all together. Maybe something along the lines of “love you dearly,” & I will make it a free download for anyone who may want to use it in their own spaces as well.
I still need to find a changing pad cover, crib skirt & curtains. I so badly wish I could sew, my hot glue gun will only get me so far in the fabric department. I have had my eye on this gold lamp but also keep hoping I will find something at the flea market with a more vintage feel. We used the glider, crib & changing table from Harper’s room, so I haven’t had to buy any new furniture yet. We are on the hunt for another small antique-style dresser in a lighter wood, then I will stock it full of Harper’s baby clothes once I get ambitious enough to rewash them all, of course.

I found the oversized pom blanket at a local boutique & layered it with one of the new plus print blankets from the Evie Collection by Candy Kirby Designs that was inspired by my painting in the room! The line will be available in her shop in just a few weeks, I am so excited about how everything turned out. I will be sure to share all of the sources once the room is complete! 🙂

The cat has been living in the nursery these days, it’s the only place she can hide to escape Harper constantly pulling her tail or trying to put headbands on her. If only she knew we were about to double the fun! 😉 XO


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