We scream for Ice Cream. And a baby.

Thank you all for the well wishes on my last post, Harper is feeling better & we are still all just anxiously awaiting baby sister’s arrival. We may not have a baby yet, but we do have ice cream!
Yesterday afternoon, we hit up one of our favorite fro-yo places, where Harper’s signature move is picking out her own ice cream & toppings, then deciding once we sit down that she wants mine instead. Always followed by a bunch of “tank-you’s” so you really know how much she appreciates it & of course, to make sure you don’t think twice about giving it up. No, thank you Harp, your birthday cake flavor with coconut & strawberries was much better than the chocolate cone I was craving. 😉

Purple Tropical Dress \ Moccasins c/o Freshly Picked

Things all of a sudden feel like they are in slow motion over here, the final week of this pregnancy is just taking it’s sweet time. We are so ready! Part of me hopes that I will go into labor on my own so we can meet her sooner, but I also know how important it is for her to stay put until my scheduled c-section. Our family will all get here later this week, so we will have lots to keep us busy in the mean time. Everyone says sleep, sleep, sleep until baby arrives, but I know that it won’t matter once she gets here & of course I have this crazy burst of energy all of a sudden. Good thing it’s my birthday week! A margarita-less night out at our favorite rooftop Mexican restaurant is in order & maybe a pre-baby pedicure?! 😉

Ok, back to endlessly nesting & snacking over here, hope you all are having a great week so far!


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