Monday Morning Madness

The days are all starting to run together around here, two hours of sleep here & there, cold french toast on a paper plate & really, never enough coffee. I’m certain that as a mom, we easily forget what the newborn days are like. All of a sudden, Monday is here & I am thanking God that my husband has a few more days to stay home with us. In all honesty, I am terrified of my first day home with both girls!

Eloise has a bit of night & day confusion right now, she tends to be most awake (and most hungry) from about 1-4 am. She hates being swaddled & isn’t a huge fan of taking a paci, totally different than her big sis. Those were two of the biggest soothers for Harper, so it’s a whole new ballgame for us, which we had a feeling would happen. It sorta feels like I am a first time mom all over again. On the plus side, she is such a little snuggle bug. She loves being held, curls right up in your neck & drapes her arms around you. I mean, it doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Harper is doing an amazing job as a big sister, every day I am so proud of her I could just cry. She loves to give Eloise kisses on her head & feet, loves to push her button to turn on her rockaRoo & wants to hold her for just about five seconds. She also tells her “no whining” when she starts to cry or fus. Brandon & I died laughing when we heard her say it for the first time. Having a newborn around really emphasizes how grown up Harper is & it is so bittersweet.


We managed to make our first outing with two kids this weekend, a stroll through our neighborhood to check out all of the yard sales (we are on the hunt for a ping pong table!) & to get groceries. Eloise slept through most of it & we made it home alive.
 We had newborn pictures taken this morning, the girls took turns being uncooperative & Harper had quite the buffet of goodies waiting for her after all of the things we had to bribe her with to stay “frozen like a popsicle!” I can’t wait to see how they turned out!
Being a family of four has been quite the adventure so far, but we are loving every second of it. Well, minus a few seconds in the middle of the night I guess. 😉 But we’ll get there.
Happy Cinco De Mayo to you all!! Hope you all get to indulge in a delicious margarita or two this evening! XO



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