Summer Starts Here

Memorial Day weekend was pretty uneventful over here (surprise!), mostly bouncing around from the pool to the patio, with some pancakes in between. This was Harper’s first trip to the pool this year so I was anxious to see how she liked it. She referred to it as the “huge bath”, was nothing short of terrified at first, but then decided she loved it & had no intention of getting out. We went all three days this weekend & I think she is officially excited for her swim lessons.
I even got seventeen uninterrupted minutes of floating around the nearly empty pool on my giant seven foot swan with a bud light lime. Dreams really do come true.
 Swan from Zulily

 We had friends over for a BBQ & some festive sangria, where I went to the (totally worth it) trouble of making homemade french fries just to use my new french fry cones! 😉 I scored six of these bad boys at goodwill, washed them up & Brandon spray painted them gold. I’m kinda obsessed with how they turned out & feel like they need donut holes in them pronto.

Monday morning, Brandon woke up extra early & took the girls so I could sleep in. He made a big batch of blueberry raisin pancakes (per the toddler’s request), got a double dose of Harper’s shopping cart to the ankles while putting Ellie down for her morning nap & finally bribed me with an extra large iced coffee to wake the eff up. 
Isn’t “bring-your-kids-to-work-day” the next major holiday on the calendar?
Hope you all had an amazing long weekend with your friends & family! So happy tomorrow is already Friday, I already need another weekend in my life! 😉 

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