Fall Bucket List

Fall is well under way & we are making our way through all of our favorite things to do this time of year.So far we have gone to three pumpkin patches, made pumpkin muffins & I have let two sets of mums die on my front porch (does that make them mummies?). I love making lists of our favorite things to do each season, especially now that the girls are old enough to chime in, Harper is anxiously awaiting carving pumpkins this year, each year their ages bring so much more fun & magic to every little thing we do. Sharing our Fall bucket list today, and would love to hear yours as well!!
 1. Carve pumpkins!
2. Annual Halloween brunch, so fun to have friends over for breakfast instead of dinner every once in a while!
3. Make s’mores in the fire pit.
4. Jump in a giant leaf pile in our own backyard.
5. Make Halloween cookies & deliver to friends.
6. Scary movie night after the girls go to bed! This is our Halloween Eve tradition! What is your favorite scary movie, would love some new suggestions!!
7. Make caramel apples! I know the girls will love these, thinking a mini-caramel apple bar would be fun for our guests coming this weekend!!
8. Add cozy blankets & flannel sheets to the girls beds just in time for cold weather
9. Visit the mountains to see the foliage & take the girls for a hike.
10. Take a trip to the Apple Orchard! We didn’t make it to one last year, so hoping we can pull this off. Immediately followed by making a homemade apple pie!
Hopefully we can tackle all of these along with finishing Halloween costumes & watching the Cubs win the world series. Is that too much to ask?! 🙂


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery




  1. LOOOOOOOOOVE!!!! Can't wait to go apple picking…. if SoCal would ever cool down 😉

    PS – Am I the only one that hates when pumpkins get ruined by sharpee marker prices?! How the heck is one to remove that???

  2. Where are Claire's adorable leggings from?

    Looks like you girls had a blast at the pumpkin patch! We plan on taking our kids this weekend to local pumpkin patches!

    Loving your Fall Bucket List! Ours looks very similar and a lot of things have already been checked off!

    : )

  3. We had a caramel apple bar for my sister's Sip and See baby shower this weekend. Everyone loved it! Being a die-hard Cary Grant fan, I have to say Arsenic and Old Lace for a creepy movie (but it's honestly not very scary)

  4. Great list! I might have to break your heart on the apple one, though – I am a fellow Midwestern girl, living in DC and Northern Virginia for the last 11 years. When my first daughter was 14 months old, we trekked out to a Maryland apple orchard the very last weekend in September. I figured that would be prime apple time, like it would have been in Michigan. Nope. Barely any apples left, and they were clearly winding down for the season. I would be shocked if you had them in November even further south in Georgia, but I hope you get your wish!

  5. We just had a fall party and did caramel apple "nachos"…we sliced the apples and put them in a paper/cardboard French fry basket and loaded them up with warm melted caramel, chocolate chips, peanuts, white chocolate, and sprinkles. Delicious, fun, and sooo easy!

  6. What a great list! My son is super excited for pumpkin carving soon.

    I agree with "It Follows" for a scary movie. My husband and I just watched "Housebound" on Netflix. Not so much scary as a dark comedy but a well made one!

  7. So sweet! Definitely a lot of these on our bucket list this fall as well. I hear that Mercier Orchards, in North Georgia is THE ONE to go to. That's where we are planning to go this year, so I'll let you know how it is 😉

  8. ALL I WANT is a Cubs World Series win! I just don't know what happened these last 2 games…but there is always that true Cubbie fan spirit! For a scary movie my friends and I love As Above So Below. It always ends up on at then end of our get-togethers and it still creeps me out! Also, The Babadook thoroughly scared the crap out of me! Slept with the lights on that night…but definitely entertaining.

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