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I turned 28 this year, just a few days before Eloise was born. I had started this post before my birthday & thought it would be fun to finally share, since I usually post about the girls & not so much about myself. So here we go, 28 things about me for my 28th birthday!

Gotta love this 38 week pregnant photo of myself, I look like I’m about to just inhale that cake all at once instead of blowing out the candles!  

1. The house that I grew up in was at one time a grocery market/candy store & was shut down for making moonshine in the basement.
2. I am the oldest of five kids (all brothers). I loved having brothers, they are the best uncles to my girls. I sometimes think I could write a book about some of our hilarious childhood adventures, including the time I was in the treehouse on my grandparent’s farm, talking while looking down into my cup of rolly-pollys I had just collected from underneath a bunch of rocks, when my oldest brother smacked the bottom of the cup & they all went into my mouth. Such an a-hole move. But I’ve forgiven him. 🙂
3. I have irrational fears of bears, flying & hand mixers.
4. My favorite show ever is (was) Dexter, even though normally anything with a lot of violence is a huge no for me. I am also obsessed with Orange is the New Black, the Bachelor/Bachelorette & Parenthood.
5. I have never been out of the country, but recently got my passport because we are planning a couples trip to Mexico early next year with my best friend & her husband. 
6. I am strangely good at math & stats, but would fail a middle school history test.
7. I baked cupcakes for a local coffee & pastry shop when I lived in Florida (on the side while I still worked at my full time job, so it was more of a hobby). It was so much fun!
8. I have always wanted four kids, but I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’m not sure I could handle it!
9. I am an optimist & I can usually always see the positive in every situation. Except for situations involving flying or bears.
10. Food & drinks on the patio, with music & good company, is one of my favorite things ever.
11. I kind of hate hashtags.
12. I lose sleep at night over the number of unread/unanswered emails that I have. I wish so badly that I had more hours in the day to respond to every single one, but I just haven’t quite figured out how yet.
13. I can speak really fast in pig-latin. An-cay ou-yay?
14. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
15. I am a huge procrastinator, wildly unorganized & extremely forgetful.
16. I can quote Hocus Pocus and Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion from start to finish.
17. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is coughing & still trying to talk or tell a story. I literally can’t, I have to leave the room.
18. I hate running. In high school, I thought I joined the soccer team. On the first day they told us we were going to do a three mile warm up run. Hell to the nope. I ran to my house instead & never looked back. The only sport I could hold my own in would be basketball.
19. I like for all of my coffee cups & bath towels to be mismatched, it makes it more fun to pick the one you want to use each morning rather than have them all be a matching set.
20. I hate texting, but love texting with emojis.
21. I love going to concerts, I would go every weekend over & over again, doesn’t matter the genre, although my favorite is country. Especially when seats are on the lawn! We are seeing ZBB, Ray Lamontagne, Luke Bryan & Eric Church all this year.
22. I took four years of art classes in both high school & college. The artsy side of me can be both good & bad. I like things to match & look pretty, which may give the impression that I have it all together. I totally do not.
23. The beach holds a special place in my heart after living there for a few years, there is nothing like the sounds of the ocean or the feeling of sand beneath your feet. Or drinking cocktails at a beach bar.
24. Grey is my favorite color. And there is such a thing as the perfect shade of it, especially when it comes to paint, sweatpants or nailpolish!
25. I went to college with a chemistry major, but turns out, I hate chemistry.
26. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Until Christmas rolls around, then Christmas is my favorite holiday.
27. I only drink iced coffee. I used to love it hot & love flavored coffees (Dunkin’ Hazelnut was my jam) but ever since I got pregnant with Harper, I can’t stand the taste. I also never drank coffee until the first day of my real job after college.
28. My babies, my husband & all the rest of the people we love mean the world to me. Creating a fun & happy life for my family is my number one priority.

So there you have it, a little more about me! Now I want to know what we have in common! 🙂

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