Friday Favorites

Ahh, we made it through another week! Happy Friday! And equally as important, Happy National Donut Day! Miss Eloise has been flashing all sorts of smiles this week, I love seeing her happy little face & still can’t believe how much she looks like Harper. She also slept six hours straight two nights in a row, which makes us all (mostly me) very happy!!

Harper has amazed me once again with her imagination & I think I’ll be laughing about this one forever. I bought her a broom set on sale at Target because she always wants to help out in the kitchen when I sweep. As soon as I gave it to her to play with, she went to the cupboard where I keep party supplies & kept asking me to open it. She picked out one of these party hats & wanted to wear it while she swept. I didn’t really think anything of it until bedtime when she pulled out her favorite book (that we read almost every single night, even though it isn’t Halloween), Room on the Broom. She pointed right to the witches hat & broom, and said “like me sweeping, mama!”
Genius. A festive little genius.

We have had the best end-of-Spring weather this week, still cool enough to take Eloise outside & she loves it so much. Brandon blows bubbles for Harper, then Harper blows bubbles for Eloise. The circle of life.

Some of my favorite finds this week include this baseball tee (that I wore while pregnant & still wear all the time now) & this floral onesie that Eloise wears, that are both on sale!! I couldn’t resist grabbing the onesie in a bigger size so she can wear it all summer long. I am also obsessed with these camo pants, they are boys but would be so cute paired with pink or coral for girls!

I discovered this week that there is apparently such a thing as grilled angel food cake, which you can bet will be on our weekend menu. It would be perfect for a summery strawberry shortcake! And because no summer is complete without some homemade lemonade, I have been looking for a juicer & am loving this wood painted handle, definitely the prettiest kitchen utensil of all time & will be left out on the counter all summer long! 🙂

AND last but not least, Orange is the New Black season 2 starts tonight! Yes yes double yes!! If you aren’t already obsessed, do yourself a favor & rent season one on Netflix, pop some popcorn & waste your entire weekend glued to the tv.
Happy trails! XO


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