Our Summer Day Schedule

I have been working on this post for a little while now, but we haven’t really fallen into much of a pattern until about three weeks ago. And still, we are a hot mess for the most part. But for now, this is what our typical summer day at home with a two year old & two month old looks like.

6:00-8:00 // Eloise wakes up for the day around six, even though she has typically been awake on and off for the last few hours (I am up with her every night from about 2-5am, her wild hours for some reason). I feed her & then Brandon takes her into the bathroom where she hangs in her bouncer while he gets ready for work. Harper wakes up around 7, so he gets her up, then he takes both girls downstairs while I am clinging to every last minute of sleep I can get. She snacks on some cheerios & drinks her morning sippy of milk, then he brings both girls into our bed by 7:30 when he is leaving for work, we turn on a Mickey episode & have a little snuggle sesh.

8:00-10:00 // Eloise is down for her morning nap, Harper & I usually make some breakfast, then roll outside in our pajamas since it’s the only time of day that we don’t sweat to death. We do sidewalk chalk, bubbles or paint while I chug some coffee. If it was a rough night or if it is raining, we just stay in bed and do stickers or watch some Frozen. Eloise is back up by 9:15 and ready to eat again, then I take both girls into the bathroom with me while I take a quick shower (or just throw on a little makeup & a hat) & get everyone dressed. Harper is getting to the stage where she likes to pick out her own clothes, so that’s been even more fun. 😉

10:00-12:30 // We are usually out of the house by 10-10:30 to do whatever we have planned for the day. Sometimes that is just errands, but usually it means playdates, the park or other play areas, the library, bookstore, etc. This has been one of the most challenging parts about having a toddler and newborn. It’s typically too hot for Eloise to be outside for very long, which means we have to plan according to the weather. I bought this Stroller Fan for her when we go for walks or to the park if I’m not wearing her in my Solly wrap. These can either be the best two hours of the day or the worst, it’s always a toss up. Eloise naps on the go & typically eats again by noon.

12:30-1:30 // Harper & I eat lunch, Eloise hangs out in her rockaRoo or her bouncer (I can’t find the exact one that we have, it is a hand me down that we got when I was pregnant with Harper, but she loves the vibration setting, similar to this one).

1:30-4 // I lay Harper down for her nap, most days she sleeps really well but some days she just plays with her dolls & books in her bed. I rock Eloise for a bit, then lay her down for her nap as well. This is when I try to get some work, client calls, cleaning & blogging done.

4-5:00 // The girls wake up by 4, I feed Eloise again while Harper has a snack. We usually hang in the playroom for a little while, we play dress up, color, do legos or puzzles, Eloise does tummy time or lays on her activity mat. Everyone gets restless pretty quickly, so if it is nice enough outside we go to the back porch for bubbles & sidewalk chalk. If it’s been one of those days, I turn on Mickey & never look back.

5:00-5:30 // Is dad home yet? Nope. Ok. Eloise is usually fussy around this time & eats at 5:30 almost every day. Harper is typically just running amok (usually wearing only a diaper), toys are everywhere & she is dragging cans of sparkling water out of the pantry to line up on the fireplace (don’t ask me why).

5:30-6:30 // Brandon usually gets home by 5:45-6. We usually all hang out in the kitchen together while I cook dinner (and our family dance party goes down). We eat around 6:30, then Brandon takes Harper outside while I head upstairs with Eloise for her bath.

7:00-8:30 // I give Eloise a bath, feed her & rock her for a little bit before laying her down by 8. We are working on the whole “put the baby to bed awake” thing right now to help her with soothing herself back to sleep at night. Brandon puts Harper in the tub by 7:30-7:45, then she gets a small sippy cup of milk & books in her bed before she goes to sleep around 8:30.

8:30-10:30 // We spend the next half hour or so cleaning, because, yes, our house usually looks like this by the end of the day…

…and we usually kick off a little Happy Hour right around this time 😉 We wind down for a bit, sometimes we are both on our laptops doing a little work or I am blogging, other times if we don’t have a lot going on we will hang outside or watch something on our DVR (so sad we have already finished OITNB!). And then, our wild & crazy selves go to bed by 10:30, only to wake back up at 2 am & do it all over again! 😉

Like I’ve said before, it’s crazy & chaotic, but we really do love every second of it. I’m not so sure what I’ll do when summer is over & our warm weather is gone, but I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there! 😉 Happy Hump Day, friends!!


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