Our 4th of July

Brandon’s dad is in town, so the girls were excited to have grandpa around for a fun holiday weekend! Harper requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast on the 4th, and although I had planned to make red velvet, I wasn’t about to complain since these were infinitely less work. 😉 We had breakfast, then spent the morning at the pool before getting ready for the fun fireworks event. One of our favorite parks here has fireworks every year, with food trucks, activities for kids & a live country concert. Harper loved life, she ran around all afternoon, trying to hold her own in the bounce houses with the big kids & sampling tons of food with me from all of our favorite trucks. Bacon fries & Hawaiian shaved ice, for the win! There was a giant inflatable slide that Harper talked about the entire time, “I has to go down the swide! I has to! I has to go.” Once it finally opened, Brandon took her over & waited in line, only for her to decide “I don’t has to.”
Harper’s day was made when she got a sparkly arm tattoo, then everyone had meltdowns before fireworks even started. So, we packed up shop & headed home, just in time to get the girls bathed & in bed before fireworks started all around our neighborhood. We attempted to watch them over the trees from the driveway but really just ended up taking turns going upstairs every five minutes as fireworks woke the girls up. All in a day’s work! Such a fun fourth though, I really hope the girls will be able to stay up for fireworks next year, I just know they will love them.

We woke up to the most pleasant surprise on Saturday morning, the coolest unexpected 65 degree Fall-ish weather! Just the way I like it after the 4th!! 😉 For the first time ever though, I can honestly say I’m not ready for summer to be over, but it really was a nice treat. We made good use of our hammocks for most of the day, Eloise was chill as a cucumber swinging & napping in my lap. All productivity went out the window thanks to that gorgeous weather.
Hammock \ Pillow \ Blanket c/o Spearmint Baby

My brother, his wife & her parents came over for a cookout, which was the perfect time to make some bomb-pop-the-champagne cocktails & festive jell-o cake, which I will ultimately be polishing off straight from the pan for the rest of the week.


And that was our fourth! Such a fun long weekend. Brandon has a few days off work this week while his dad is in town so this Monday morning is a little less painful than most.
Hope you all had a great one with family & friends! Happy Monday! XO

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