Back to School

I’m still in denial that Harper will be in her second year of nursery school. I remember every single morning I would wake up with her last year, eat breakfast & get her dressed, I would have the saddest feeling as I packed her up to leave me for a few hours. It’s so hard as a mom to let your little ones go, even just to pre-pre-preschool, but I know it’s good for her & in a way, it’s good for me too. 
She is really excited this time, every time we see her teacher or go to church, she asks when she gets to go again. So I’m going to put on my happy face & get ready for my little lovey dovey to go back to school.
First things first, a few fun back to school styles for stylish little toddlers! I have a major backpack obsession, loving everything camo & am just slightly excited for Fall clothes. But I think you already know those things.
In addition to going one more day a week this year, Harper will also be doing “lunch bunch”. I picked up the cutest Lunch Box (surprise, I got the purple one) that will be easy to throw in the dishwasher & have been thinking of a few things that will be easy to pack for her since they don’t allow peanut products, and she is a pb&j girl! 😉 Here are a few lunch combos that are easy to pack, easy to store & most of all, easy for little toddler fingers to eat.

She will also start her very first ballet class!! She has been a dancing machine since she could very first get her wiggle on, so I can’t wait to see how she does. Eloise & I will be creeping in the hallway trying to sneak a peek! 😉 I always get excited for this time of year, although this summer has been good to us & it’s going to be hard to get on an actual schedule. I’m working on a little organizational wall in our hallway downstairs to help keep us on track, adding a calendar & hooks for her backpack & coat.

How about you, are you sending your babes off to “school” this year? You can read my teary-eyed post about Harper’s first day here. I’m sure it will be just as hard this time around, but at least I now know how much she will love it. 🙂


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