Birthday Weekend + Tornado Warnings

Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes on Instagram (@jlgarvin), we had a laid back weekend spending time together & eating all of my favorite foods. Pretty much all you can ask for when turning 29, while 29 weeks pregnant, on a Sunday! I vaguely remember saying last year “well at least I’ll be able to have a few birthday cocktails next year…” joke’s on me!
Brandon & the girls surprised me with breakfast in bed, crepes in fact, which Brandon stayed up late the night before making batter. Sweetest ever! My little monkeys got in bed with me to snuggle, eat & smear Nutella all over the place. It rained most of the day so we just hung out at home, and later on my parents kept the girls for a few hours while we did some birthday shopping & got sushi. Afterwards, we all went to my parents house to have my favorite publix vanilla & buttercream cake that I ask for every year. It never gets old! It was the best kind of day, I have so many things to be thankful for & I am excited for all of the things to come in the last year of my twenties. Next year, we are going to Vegas! 😉

Fast forward to today, my mom took the day off work to hang out with me & the girls for our birthdays so we decided to take the girls to play, do a little shopping & grab lunch. We were just about to leave the mall after Harper insisted on playing at the train table for just one more minute (fifteen times…) when a storm rolled in & the sirens went off. We debated jumping in the car to rush home but we immediately got alerts on our phones saying there was a tornado warning & to take shelter. As we inched back inside the doors of Von Maur, one of the employees requested that we all take shelter in their clearance shoe room, as they were about to shut the store down. They closed the doors, pulled the metal bars down over them, and about fifty people huddled inside the shoe room, for the next HOUR. It was quite the adventure, we ended up blowing bubbles for lots of upset toddlers missing their nap times while everyone took turns trying on shoes & snacking on all of the chocolate that the staff brought in. Not a bad place to be trapped during a storm! 😉 We made it home safe, and although the nap time train was long gone, the sun was shining & we got to take the kids outside for some water table action. The adventures of being 29!

Hope you all had great weekend! XO


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  1. I know it's a year away, but you're going to love your 30's! Also, you have a crazy exciting last year of your 20's ahead of you as well!
    Glad to hear you are all safe and sound. All dem feels with the tornado warning, we've currently got cyclonic weather here in Sydney AU, thankful to be working from home at the moment! Happy birthday again x

  2. Happy birthday! Being trapped for an hour in the shoe room might be my dream (minus the two cranky toddlers part!) glad you all survived! And yes, next year definitely VEGAS!

  3. Ugh, we had to go through that same bad weather on Sunday. Luckily we were at home when the tornado sirens went off, though. And luckily the worst of it hit just south of us and we didn't have any damage. Never a dull moment in the south!

    And if you've never been to Vegas, you should really plan a trip next year. It's our favorite place! We used to go every year up until we had kids, and I think it's about time for us to start going again. :o)

    Glad you all are safe and sound! And Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I have been 29 for about 4 months now and I love it. I also have 3 kids (2 boys and one baby girl). I feel like we have sooo much in common. I have never written on here before (and I feel like a stalker) BUT, i truly love reading your blog and watching your little family grow!! Love your style of living. A good beer, crafting, loving hubby and three babies seems like the way to go to me as well! 🙂

  5. Looks like you had a great birthday – despite the bad weather! We were also under a tornado watch here in Alabama. No fun!

    My 30th birthday is this year in August and I'll be 36 weeks preggo!!!!!!! And I thought I was gonna get to have a huge birthday bash. So now I've decided 31 will be the big birthday – we'll celebrate surviving an entire year of my 30's! Haha!

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