Pool & Popsicles

We had a few birthdays to celebrate this weekend & what better way than a little end of summer pool party! School starts this week & we have something going on every weekend for the next few months, so we decided to make the most of a 90 degree afternoon by heading to the pool. We left the girls home with our babysitter because it was too hot for them & they don’t last very long anyway. I got this fun beach radio a few months ago (found on sale here) & was inspired by the colors for a fun party setup. We had a few tubs of drinks on ice & I made a batch of mini ice-cream lemon cupcakes (a twist on this recipe) so we could sing Happy Birthday poolside to the birthday boy & girl! 😉 Always a fun time celebrating the people we love!

Sadly, the swan did not survive the pool party. Or rather all of the grown men diving onto it from the pool deck over & over. My hopes & dreams of floating down the Chattahoochee river on it in a few weeks are long gone. 

My brother & his wife stayed the night, and even managed to sneak out of the house to bring back coffee & donuts before the kids were even awake. They’re ninjas. We took Harper to the park then rushed through Target for the weekly shitshow that is grocery shopping.
Have you tried Fruttare Strawberry & Milk popsicles? Harper loves them. And as soon as she gets to the strawberries in the center, she always laughs & says “there’s salsa on my popsicle!” It definitely looks like salsa, and she probably wouldn’t even mind if it was.
And with that, we are ready for Fall.
No seriously though, this hat. I’m obsessed!! I got it for Harper but she was sleeping when the package came this weekend, so Eloise did a little modeling. A diaper & a cable knit hat never looked so good! 😉 I love the gold not only for Fall but for a little Iowa Hawkeye style. And it’s on sale today for 40% off!
Hope you all had a fun weekend! Happy Monday!!

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