Happy September!

I literally can not express in words how excited I am to welcome September. Not only is my favorite season finally upon us (almost) but my parents have officially moved in & are now just a few minutes away!! Harper is so thrilled about having Grandma & Grandpa close by, almost as much as I am! 😉

 Saturday was the first Iowa game WIN. Yea!! We were so excited to finally put on our Hawkeye gear, football season is the best. We taught Harper how to appropriately chant ‘GO HAWKS’ which we immediately regretted after the nine hundredth time she yelled it in our faces.

 Football Headband & Bow

One week of nursery school & Harper already came home with a cold, which she promptly shared with little sis. I knew it was coming Friday when I picked her up & heard a chorus of coughs coming from her germy little classroom. Woof.  She started getting a runny nose Saturday night & couldn’t fall asleep, so we let her sleep in our bed (a rare occurrence, but we secretly love it). Between a few roundhouse kicks to the jaw & Eloise waking up every thirty minutes because she is rolling onto her stomach & can’t quite roll back, we got approximately one hour of sleep. Luckily the colds were mild & didn’t last long, but required lots of extra boogie wipes & rest. So Sunday, we did absolutely nothing, I put a few yellow leaves (found here) & a single tiny pumpkin out, made soup & we watched Hocus Pocus. Surprisingly, Harper loved it because she is obsessed with witches right now, it made my festive little heart very happy!! 😉

We also gave Eloise her first bite of some baby oatmeal this weekend & she was loving it!! I know everyone introduces solids differently, but this was the recommendation from our pediatrician with Harper & again for Eloise at her four month appointment last week. We used Earth’s Best Baby Oatmeal, mixed with an ounce or so of formula. She caught on quickly & was all smiles! 😉 Her cheeks have been so rosy lately, and combined with lots of drool, I get the vibe she may be teething soon. Harper had two teeth when she was just four months old so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Looking forward to a short, yet hopefully productive week. New Fall prints will be in the shop this week along with a coupon code, so stay tuned! 😉 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

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