Eloise Ruby 4 Month Update

Another month of our sweet baby girl, we just couldn’t be more in love with her. Her big baby blues light up the room & any time she makes eye contact, she can’t help but smile. She babbles, blows bubbles & smells so insanely good that I just want to bottle it up.
We took her to her four month well visit last week, where she weighed in at 15.5 lbs. & 25.5 inches long. She is a little bit smaller than Harper was at this age, but their chubby cheeks & scrumptious thighs are very much the same! She is sitting up like a champ in her bumbo & high chair, rolling from back to front (and finally front to back!), smiling, laughing & grabbing her toes to pull to her mouth. One of the cutest baby milestones for sure.
She has officially been swaddle free for a few weeks now & yesterday was the first morning I woke up to her sleeping on her tummy. Always so scary the first time! She sleeps in a Muslin Zip Sleeping Bag, which we loved with Harper & she seems super comfortable in. Plus it gives her something to hold onto which I think works a lot like a security blanket, without giving her something she can pull over her face.

While part of me wants to skip right over talking about breastfeeding because people tend to get mad as hell about it, I feel like it’s important to mention.  Eloise is fully on formula now & is doing great. This time around, her latch was great (one of the main issues we had with Harper) but I could absolutely not keep my supply up to keep her full. She seemed like she was just starving all the time, formula was the only thing that would keep her satisfied, especially when it came to sleeping. I honestly just could not juggle working from home, with a toddler, potty training, breastfeeding & constantly pumping to build up my supply, all while barely getting any sleep. So I kicked my pump to the curb & just did what my body would allow when she was hungry, and supplemented in between. A few weeks ago, we increased her nightly formula bottle to 7-8 oz. & she finally started sleeping from 7:30 pm until about 5:45 am regularly. Not only was her sleep at night better, but her naps were longer & she was overall less fussy. My goal was to make it three months so I am really happy with how we did.
With bottle feeding, we have been extremely happy this time around with Como Tomo bottles, great for switching between breast & bottle, plus only three parts to clean!

 She is smitten by Harper, she watches her every move & gets the biggest smile on her face when Harper talks or sings to her. Her favorite thing ever is just to be held or cuddled. She loves to get her neck & cheeks kissed, and anytime we raise her arms above her head she bursts out with giggles. Then gets the hiccups.
Happy Four Months, Eloise! You are an absolute doll & we just love to love you!!

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