Harper Lately

It has been a while since I’ve done a Harper update, she is growing up so fast that it seems like I can hardly keep up. At two & a half years old, she is my sweet little sidekick & has a heart of gold. She is caring, polite & inquisitive. She wants to do everything we do, always has a question about what something is or how it works & never stops loving. I am amazed every day at who this little girl has become.

We are always laughing at all of the silly things she does, and she knows it. She loves to entertain us & always has the funniest things to say. It’s so funny once your child’s vocabulary goes from repeating, to building sentences from words you taught them, to fully communicating with thoughts & words of their own. Harper tells us all sorts of stories, has a crazy imagination & when she doesn’t have something specific to say, she will mumble all sorts of gibberish just to make noise. She loves to come ask me “Hey mama, should we?!” “Should we what?” “Should we go get coffee and get juice and go to the park and go on the slide. Ok we should! Good idea mom.” Not only does she try to trick me into thinking it was my idea, but she also bribes me with coffee. Well played.

This girl was born to be a big sister, there is nothing she loves more than Eloise. She loves laying on the floor with her to snuggle, help her roll over & to hand her toys. She calls her “my baby” and “sweetie girl” (girl is pronounced goal, so cute), and even asked me this morning if she can have her own baby when she gets bigger. As soon as she hears Eloise’s first whimper when she wakes up, she goes bolting up the stairs & into her room to get her. Not always a good thing. 😉 The funniest is how we teach her that Eloise doesn’t mean to pull her hair or pinch her, I will hear Harper yell from the other room “Ouch Ellie! Why did you do that! You have to be nice, we don’t pull hair!” Then a few minutes later she will tell her “good job Ellie, I’m so proud of you. Just pet me that’s nice.”

Like most girls her age, she loves princesses & playing dress up. She loves all of the Disney princesses, especially Belle & Cinderella lately. She loves to read, or at least just make up stories while looking at pictures in books, loves building things with legos, loves arts & crafts, and will stop drop & dance the second she hears music. Being outside is her happy place, she collects pinecones & leaves to bring into the garage & put in buckets. She loves to go for walks, wagon rides or play at the park. If we aren’t doing anything at any given moment, rest assured Harper will say “Hey mama, we have to do someping!”

I could go on all day about all the ways that I love this little lady, we have our days but a long, tight hug will always set things straight. There is nothing more amazing than watching your babies grow into their own little person, even though it can bring you to tears (good or bad) sometimes. She is my little wild thing (who calls me by my first name when she is mad) & I love her more every minute of every day. Can we all agree that this is the best age yet? 😉 They always are.

PS. This was her outfit for a little friend’s woodland themed birthday party this morning, such a festive party idea for Fall! I had planned on this being her Thanksgiving dress as well, I think it is the cutest!! 

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