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Happy Friday! We are still in the trenches over here with colds, cold weather & antibiotics. Yesterday afternoon took a turn for the worst, when Harper accidentally (or was it?) poked Eloise in the eye & scratched her cornea. We rushed out to urgent care after Eloise cried hard for twenty or so minutes & wouldn’t open her eyes, I felt so bad for her. Nothing is worse than one of your kids hurting the other, I felt bad for both of them honestly, Harper couldn’t understand what she did or why Eloise was so upset. It was a pretty painful doctors visit, and ended with some antibiotic gel ointment that has to be put into her eye every two hours for 24 hours. We are heading back to the doctor late this afternoon to see if it is healing properly, but her poor eye combined with her cold has been pretty hard on her. Hopefully we will get some good news & both girls will be feeling better by tomorrow morning. We will be taking it easy this weekend finishing some painting in the house & getting things ready for Harper’s birthday party next weekend! She asked for a princess party (surprise!) & a pink cake. Easy enough, I can’t wait to surprise her with Disney news! 😉 She will be one happy little almost-three year old!
Moving on to the riveting topic of booties! I may officially be the last person on the planet to get on board this trend, but I have been searching for the perfect suede bootie for the last few weeks & am finally pulling the trigger. I have been searching high & low for the cutest pair & thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorites. All of these are under $100, and are so fun & practical (well, mostly practical minus the middle pair, but I am obsessed with them anyway) for every day wear with jeans or skirts.
Western Suede Bootie // Slouch Wedge Bootie 

 As the weather gets warm here, it’s always hard to find cute shoes to wear with dresses before sandals are acceptable, so I think a pair of these booties are exactly what I need! Do you have a favorite? And what do you like to pair booties with (read: do they go with leggings)?
Happy weekend, friends!!! XO


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  1. They absolutely do! In Canada I have to wear leggings under my dresses so I can wear them through the winter. The suede boots work perfectly!!

  2. Not sure when you guys are going to Disneyland but I am sure you have heard about the measles outbreak. Hopefully it is late spring. I would just be careful since I am sure Eloise has not had her MMR shot yet. Hope both girls feel better soon. Have a nice weekend.

  3. I have an amazing pair that I picked up at Target in the fall. I love wearing them with skinny jeans, but I totally think they could go with leggings. It's not warm enough here for dresses or skirts, otherwise I'd rock them with a dress. I hope the girls are both feeling better soon and the Eloise's eye is healing. Happy Friday!

    Our Little Miracles

  4. Poor baby. I hope her eye heals quickly and your family gets healthy soon! It is always so hard when your baby is hurting or not feeling well.

    I vote for the Laundry Zip Bootie. Super cute.

  5. Love following your blog! I have a 21 month old who is constantly poking his baby brother, 4 months today, in the eye when he goes through pointing out body parts. They really don't understand they need to keep fingers out of babies eyes! Hope she recovers quickly! As for the booties, I like them from Charlotte Russe. I have one pair and I wear them with skinny jeans and since I am "pro leggings=pants", I wear them with leggings as well! Pair them with a cute top and you totally have an outfit!


  6. I can't wait to hear about your Disney trip. We are taking our almost three year old Lillian in April. I will look forward to hearing any pros and cons you have after the trip.

  7. Giiiiiiirl I've been looking for that western bootie pair forever!! Woohoo! I have the Nine West lace booties in army green and I love them but I've honestly been looking for that one paid for a while now. Eeek!!

  8. Poor Ellie girl! Hope she's feeling better today. I love LOVE this bootie trend right now too! (my credit card however, does nottt). My personal fave has to be the Western Suede Bootie-it goes with just about everything and you will WANT to wear it with just about everything, too! Pair it with some skinny jeans or jeggings and I feel like I'm full of sass and ready for anything!

  9. I have also been searching for booties forever. I found the perfect pair, didn't get them, and now they are sold out. Still kicking myself for that one! I hope your poor girls eye heals quickly. My girls are 21 months apart (now 8 and 10!) but my first day alone with both of them when my youngest was 2 weeks old, her sister was running circles around her and fell on her head. A trip to the ER determined she was just fine but what a terrifying day for me! Congrats on your 3rd baby girl to be, we are done having children but we both agree if we had a third we would have wanted another girl!

  10. Aww, poor E! K had pink eye around 5/6months old, was so annoying giving her the drops. Hope she heals quickly! Love the booties, I really should jump on board, but I have a hard enough time wearing my riding boots… maybe I would though, or just wear my nikes… on leggings.

  11. oh poor girls, hope Eloise's eye is healed soon and Harper isn't too upset and feeling better soon. I just bought some suede booties from Aldo, they were half off ($50 down from $100) and they are SO comfy! they are still on sale 😉 called Figode boots.

  12. Love the bootie selection! I need a pair of those. I think I would go with the slouch wedge bootie. And yes, leggings are a good style option too. I know I would with a nice long top! Hope you all get well soon! Spring come sooner please!

  13. I am SOSO sorry to hear about Eloise!!! 🙁 poor poor baby!! I sure hope her eye is healing! with her cornea being scratced I wonder if that will effect her vision in that eye at all?? Well since last Monday my little Kori has had a cold, I've taken her to the Dr. twice this past week because she was not getting any better, infact she was getting worse! when we took her back yesterday they said she's got RSV!!! 🙁 she has been soooooooooooo miserable!!!!!! It's been awful!!!!! she screamed most of last night!!!!!!!! 🙁 Now me and my husband are getting the cold/cough and so is my 8 yr old!!!!! 🙁 I HATE cold and flu season!!!!!!!! I feel your pain with Eloise having a cold then her eye issues! 🙁 and Brandon is out of town too?!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! it's soooooo hard taking care of a sick baby and or kids with your husband gone. My husband is in town but works a lot and on Saturday's and today I needed his help SO bad!! so I just sat and cried right along with my baby. I think my boys think i've lost my mind!!! lol Well I'm curious to see how Eloise's eye is doing, hopefully getting better!!! and you look adorable as always!! OH and I too broke down and got some boots similar to those that you posted. Mine are black toms boots and super cute also! 🙂 they were like $64 on Amazon with free 2 day shipping!

  14. You are not the last person on the planet. I love the look, but never figured out what to wear with them. Also, they don't go with my normal wardrobe of yoga pants (or do they?) so I haven't invested. Hope sweet Ellie's eye is better soon. Since spring is so far away, we are hoping our luck turns around in February. Still cold, and still germs, but maybe it'll be better!

  15. Awe, so sorry to hear about this. I feel very bad for the both of them. I placed my son in the rocking chair this evening while my daughter and I changed her sheets. My son toppled over and we both watched horrifically while he toppled over on his head. We all cried. ? Never fun. Prayers for quick healing!

  16. I have some Sam Edelman Petty black suede booties that I just looooove. I'm wearing some Sam Edlman maddox booties that I love too.

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