Hump Day Happenings

It’s been a while since I’ve actually been able to wake up before the girls & get things done. Typically I cling to every last minute of sleep I can get before everyone is awake for the day by 5:45 am. But last night, for the first time EVER since Eloise was born, both girls slept from 8pm until almost 8 this morning. Surely I just jinxed myself & it will not happen again, but for now, this is huge. And I drank an entire cup of coffee this morning before anyone even made a peep!

So thank you all for the feedback on our sleep situation, putting her to sleep on her tummy seems to have done the trick! I also introduced the security blanket which was a lifesaver for Harper, babies love to have something to hold in their hand while they sleep! I dug one of Harper’s out of the closet & it seemed to calm Eloise right away, it helps her soothe herself back to sleep multiple times in the night. Hopefully she keeps it up! 😉 We still have a morning tradition of the girls snuggling in Harper’s bed when we go in to get her up, I know it’s a long ways away, but I hope they can share a room some day!

If you follow me on Instagram (@jlgarvin) you may have already seen the farmhouse table that we just built for our patio. I will share more details & the DIY instructions soon!!  It has already been put to use so many times since it has been finished, especially for breakfast & dinner! I love love love not having to sweep after every meal! 😉 It will also be the setting for some pumpkin painting with Harper’s friends next week & our Halloween party setup, I can’t believe it’s only a little over a week away.

While we did tons of work outside the last few days, Harper had a blast with her workbench & all of her fun activities. Play-doh, pumpkin painting, tools, you name it! What you can’t see in this picture is the giant tutu she also has on over her jeans. 

In other news, Eloise is officially sitting up!! This may actually be more exciting the second time around, because now she can finally sit up to play with big sis!! Harper is in awe of it every time & loves to bring her toys to play with & things to hold. Sweetest ever. I will be savoring this brief moment in time where they can play together while Eloise is still immobile. Because when she starts crawling, we are in for it. I am not excited to put baby gates back up.
Other highlights of the week so far? 
+ Harper yelling “BEAST MODE!!!” as she climbed up into her own high chair.
+ Finding this amazing new Almond Glazed Philosophy body wash, another scent so good you just want to eat it! Makes every shower festive.
+ The cat slept in Harper’s bed the entire night by accident & it was probably the highlight of Harper’s life. I was crying laughing in the morning when I went into her room in the morning & she couldn’t even catch her breath she was so excited to tell me “dat kitty swept in my bed. her wants to live in here!!!!!”

Ok I suppose that is enough rambling for now. Happy Hump Day!


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