Friday Favorites… on Monday

Because today I am recovering from a girls weekend hangover, we have Friday’s post that I didn’t finish in time. Happy Halloween Week, loves!!!

Hocus Pocus Onesie \ Striped Headband

Now that Eloise is officially a sitter, our first order of business was a wagon ride!! Harper couldn’t have been happier to have her little best friend riding along with her. Our wagon was packed full, pumpkins on the bottom, a pillow so Eloise wouldn’t face plant (she was also buckled in but still a little wobbly), Harper’s tutus, Ellie’s chubby cheeks & a few hundred stuffed animals. It was really the sweetest. Until I had to pull them back up the driveway.

I’m going to be sad to pack away Halloween clothes this year, the girls have been wearing festive outfits non stop. Mostly pajamas. And tutus. Even in public. Harper’s princess obsession is seriously the funniest, I overheard her talking to “Baileywick” in her teepee the other day, so either she really has a recent episode of Sofia the First on her mind or we have a creepy old man ghost in our house. Hoping for the first.

 There are so many days that we don’t change out of our pajamas, but who cares when they’re this cute right? 😉

Time for some Friday Favorites!! I’m in love with these new long sleeve peplum tops, in both the gold foil hearts & in camo, want one for both girls so badly! And they’re on sale right now!!

If you have a metallic shoe obsession like me, these gold leather mary janes are perfect!! I love gold & silver because they go with everything & can be both dressed up or down. These would be so cute with tights for the cold weather as well.

We are loving these new Chewbeads Teethers, if you have a teething baby, you must check them out! They are perfect for little uncoordinated hands to hold & the texture is perfection!! Eloise loves hers & the colors are also so pretty! She has been a teething, St. Bernard slobbering mess lately, everything must go in her mouth or she is screaming.

Blood Orange Bellinis, yes please! Sounds like the perfect Halloween weekend drink!

And because who isn’t in need of a good laugh on a Friday, these Saved By the Bell Snapchats sent by Zack Morris were one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Thanks to my brother, the real Zach Morris, for finding this gem & knowing I would spit my coffee out laughing at #15.

Wishing you all a fun & festive week!! XO


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