Our Weekend

 Happy Monday!! We had a busy weekend which of course meant that it went by much too quickly.
We took the girls to the fair after work last week, we could smell the cotton candy from miles away! They both loved watching all of the rides & Harper got to play a few of the games, and even won a little stuffed penguin. Then as soon as we were all the way to the far end of the fair, it started downpouring. Along with the rest of the crowd, we walked (hustled) a mile back to our car in the rain. We were all soaked, both girls were crying & probably saddest of all, our funnel cake got ruined. Oh well, there’s always next year! 😉 

Saturday was our six year wedding anniversary! We spent most of the day outside working on some DIY projects, Harper played at her mini-workbench & Eloise supervised. After we put the girls to bed, we went out for dinner, drinks & to see Gone Girl. I have been reading the book for the last three months & still had three hundred pages to go, so I gave up & we decided to see the movie instead. The movie was insane, we loved it. Highly recommended!!! 😉
Sunday morning we delivered some donuts to my parents as a thank you for babysitting & hung out outside for a while in between rainstorms. Aren’t these Halloween donuts the cutest? Harper loved her “donut pumpkin baby,” although it must have been too pretty to eat because all she did was lick it’s eyes off.

In the afternoon, after entirely too many hours stuck in traffic, we made it to the Bears/Falcons game. It was so much fun tailgating, but doesn’t quite compare to Iowa City. 😉 But still, a Bears & a Hawkeye victory made for a pretty stellar weekend!

We are in the final countdown for Halloween costume making & party planning over the next two weeks, it’s going to fly by. But we are ready to have lots of fun before this month is over!! Did you all do anything extra festive & fun this weekend? 🙂 XO

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