Postpartum + Newborn Favorites

I really can’t believe Eloise is almost six months old. Time with her has flown so much faster, and while we anticipate each & every new milestone, part of me is clinging to her being a baby for just a little bit longer. I have been taking notes for this post for a while now & wanted to post about it much sooner than six months later. But, better late than never. I’ve rounded up a few postpartum & newborn favorites, mostly those things that kept us happy through nursing & sleeping in the first few weeks.
I lived in these slimming nursing tanks, not only did it make nursing convenient but I loved the tight fit. I wore them under everything for the first few months. I also loved their nursing bras, I hated all of the brands that I had the first time around with Harper, but these fit so well & I loved the material. Plus the designs were so much cuter than most! My go-to outfit after coming home from the hospital was a pair of Pure Body pants (I swear there are no more comfortable pants in existence) & an open front cardigan or zip up sweatshirt with one of these nursing tanks underneath. A few nursing essentials like Soothies Gel Pads & plenty of Lanolin cream are always good to have on hand.

My Solly Wrap was & still is one of my very favorite baby products from the very beginning. These wraps are so.incredibly.soft. That was my very first thought when I opened it. It is so easy to put on, I usually tie mine before we go anywhere, then I can easily put Eloise in it straight from her carseat. Eloise has always loved being held (read: screams if ever put down) so this has been a savior for me not only for errands, so she isn’t in her carseat, but also for around the house. I love that it rolls up & can be thrown into my diaper bag unlike many other structured carriers, and I can’t count the number of times I have used it as a blanket at a restaurant or in the car for her. This wrap wins & I recommend them to everyone.

Comotomo sent us a few of their bottles to try & I couldn’t have been happier with them. With Harper, I never went back & forth with nursing and bottle feeding, as I was exclusively pumping. With Eloise, since I breastfed her but also supplemented, we really struggled finding the right bottle for her, until I tried these. She loved them, they were the perfect shape & flow, and also the least number of parts to wash. Win win! I also love the design of them & Eloise is always able to hold onto them now while she feeds herself.

Zip pajamas are an absolute must, as diaper changes are pretty much nonstop. These Hanna Anderson sleepers are my favorite, they are the softest material & fit so well. Baby feet look insanely cute with the tight little foot cuff at the bottom of these pajamas! 😉 I also loved the little organic Nature Baby striped booties when Eloise was little. Socks would always fall off but these are fitted around the ankle so they always stayed on & kept her feet warm. And for sleeping, a SleepSack Swaddle is a must. I kept thinking Eloise hated being swaddled, when in reality, it was just not tight enough. She would fight her way out of her swaddle blankets so quickly, but the velcro on these will always stay in place & keep them safe & secure for sleeping. .

I hope this is helpful to those of you who will be bringing new babies into the world over the next few weeks! What are your favorite products, if you love one of the above products or have something else to share, be sure to leave it in the comments below!


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