Eloise & Harper’s Christmas Wishlist

I can’t believe there are less than six weeks until Christmas! November seems to be flying by, and although we have been a bit quiet lately, things have been busier & more hectic than ever. We are taking the day Saturday to go Christmas shopping for the girls, always one of my favorite days of the year! I have been brainstorming for a while about what to get them & have finally come up with a solid list of things I know they will love. I can not wait to see their sweet faces on Christmas morning! Having children makes the holidays so magical!

We have decided to get the girls a play kitchen as a joint gift this year & I couldn’t be more excited! I know this gift is more age appropriate for Harper, but since Eloise wants to do everything Harper does, I think she will get quite a bit of use out of it as well! I have been price shopping on this for a while now & have found the best price, with free shipping, here on Amazon. We are thinking of getting just a few accessories as well (or putting them on the girls’ list for grandparents) like some pots & pans or some cute play food, I love these felt pastries!

Harper loves playing dress up, so I will get her a new tulle skirt & fun crown to wear, she actually saw it on my computer screen the other day & squealed “wow mama, that’s a beautiful crown!!!!” I seriously can not wait until she opens it, I may have to put it in an extra big box! 😉 She loves all of the Disney Princesses & Sofia the First, so after Halloween I grabbed a few clearance costumes/dresses to put together a little dress up box for her. I also want to get her this Enchanted Tea Set, I know she is going to love this so much. Tea parties are her jam!
Eloise is pretty much set for toys, since she has all of Harper’s old ones, and everything is pretty new to her still at this point. We want to get her a new Elefun Popper since Harper loved this but all of the balls have disappeared since we first got it. It is such a fun toy for babies her age. She will get some new pajamas & teethers as well, mostly things that she needs that can be wrapped up for her to tear open! 😉 If you are looking for toy recommendations for this age, we are big fans of the Mozart Magic Cube & this Baby Einstein Musical Activity Table. These are Eloise’s favorite things right now, the legs come off the activity table so they’re perfect for babies who can sit but not stand yet.

So tell me, what’s on your babes’ wishlist?! Be sure to share any of your must haves! 😉 We will be finishing our Christmas mantle this week & will be back to share some stocking stuffer ideas soon! Happy Monday, friends! XO


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