It was nice to finally have a relaxing weekend at home with a whole lot of nothing going on. We were finally able to take down the rest of our Halloween stuff & pack up some of Elle’s baby stuff that she is growing out of (like her play mat that she loves to flip on top of herself). It always feels good to have a little more floor space when stuff like that gets put away, although it’s almost time for baby gates around here & I am not looking forward to it.
Saturday afternoon, we had some of our friends out for pizza & football, and as it cooled down outside we decided to start a fire & make some s’mores with our leftover Halloween candy.
Sunday morning we went on our weekly Target grocery shopping trip. With Eloise sitting up so well, we decided to let her ride up front in the cart, it was so cute seeing her sit there! Being within arms reach of big sister’s hair was the most exciting part for her. Harper finally told her “Could ya give me a break? I didn’t sleep well.” HA! We were dying. So Harper decided to walk instead & Eloise got to fly solo. It is such a circus but I always look forward to it!

Some super exciting news for us, my brother & his wife had their first baby this week! We are so thrilled to become aunt & uncle for the first time on my side of the family. They live in Florida, so not too far away, and will be visiting us for Thanksgiving. We can’t wait to meet our new nephew!! My parents went to see them this week & got home just in time for Sunday night family dinner, lasagna al fresco! 😉

It was a fun weekend for us, although a sad weekend for all Hawkeye & Bears fans. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!! XO

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