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Friday night, my parents came over to watch the girls while we went out to Hibachi to say goodbye to one of our good friends who is moving away. Last minute, we decided Harper would probably LOVE the experience (and the food!) so she stayed up past her bedtime & came along with us. It was so much fun, and she certainly loved it as much as I thought she would. Not to mention, she may have been better with her chopsticks than Brandon was! 😉

Saturday morning, everyone was awake bright & early, so we went to grab some donuts. We took the girls to an indoor play area, where my inner germaphobe spent most of the time having panic attacks, and sure enough, despite hand sanitizer & lots of handwashing after, Harper got a cold by the end of the weekend. I guess that’s the price you pay for indoor fun while the weather is cold. Hey Spring, any day now! We spent the rest of the weekend at home, where Eloise is thisclose to walking & is basically demanding that we take down baby gates. I can’t blame her though, she just wants to do everything big sis does!
I also felt baby kicks for the first time this weekend!!! I felt Eloise quite a bit sooner, around 14 weeks if I remember correctly, so naturally I was worrying a little bit about this time around being a little later. But I have been feeling her move consistently for a few days now & it is still just such an amazing feeling.

Hoping that everyone feels better tomorrow & we are able to get out of the house to breathe in some fresh 55 degree air! Weird that 55 degrees sounds so warm.

Totally unrelated, I thought that since I am not going to do weekly chalkboards, that I would try to snap pics of some of my favorite outfits as my bump grows. I feel like I am always looking on pinterest for cute maternity styles or looking back at photos from my previous pregnancies to see what I wore. I wish I had a brighter space to do this to get better photos but this is the only mirror that works, and don’t you just love all the toddler & baby handprints all over the bottom of it?! 😉 Here is my 17 week bump hiding in the world’s flowy-est (is that a word?) shirt.
Top (from a boutique last year, similar here & here) // Full Panel Leggings c/o Blanqi // Nude Flats
Hope you all are enjoying your week so far!! XO

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  1. Hoping Harper feels better. You look amazing! Can you please blog exactly how you make your popcorn chex pretzle mix. Do you put it in the fridge to harden? I tried looking on past blogs and Pinterest but could not find exactly how you do it

  2. Love the idea of more belly pics! I am always scoping out other pregnant mamas to see if they can come up with anything different than whats in my usual rotation! You look beautiful preggo as usual!

  3. Woah, those girls are prescious and YOURE GLOWING! Don't you love the price we pay for entertainment during the colder months? I've seriously enjoyed moving from PA to AZ just as the cold season was beginning. Lots of love!:)

  4. You look stunning as always! I looooove that top! Are those the maternity leggings or the standard high waist ones? I keep wanting to pick up a pair but don't have much luck with leggings. So sorry to hear that Harper has a cold! We are heading to Walt Disney World at the end of next week and I am dreaming of 60-70 degree weather!

  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I bet Harper loved the hibatchi. We always get sick after we go to the indoor play place – no matter the amount of hand sanitizer. Why is that even germier than daycare? You look SO cute! I love the idea of taking pictures of some of your favorite outfits. I have the hardest time putting together cute maternity outfits.

  6. I broke down and brought my 19 month old son to an indoor play place a couple weeks ago, and sure enough he got the stomach flu by the end of the weekend. Bring on spring/summer!!!

    Elise L.

  7. I love the sparkly top in the first pic! Free people? Also, in a little bummed and miss the chalkboards. Is baby #3 going to miss them when she's older because Harper Nd Eloise have documentation?

  8. You are adorable! Even without the chalkboards all of your girls have documentation of what it was like when they were in mommy's tummy, which is really cool! My daughter is just about a month younger than Eloise so it's fun to read about what to expect at that age.

  9. We had a super similar week although I believe madduxs cold came from the mall playground ??. We took hum to hibachi on Saturday too thinking he'd love it, he was pretty petrified ?. Not much worse than being stuck inside during the winter with sick babes!

  10. Random question… What is your favorite nursing bra? I have had a heck of a time trying to find any that are both comfy and functionable! Any suggestions?!

  11. What is your favorite type of nursing bra? I have had a heck of a time trying to find one that is both comfy and functionable!

  12. I lived in Piko tops when nursing, I wish I had them when I was pregnant. They are the best. Also, so funny that E is about to walk, that's just how K was, had to be in the action and do everything her sis is doing.

  13. Super cute outfit! Please tell me you had to make your bed and pickup the room before you snapped this pic? Lol being pregnant with a 2-year-old and baby gives you every excuse in the world to not be so put together….so it's really leaving me (with only my 7-month-old) with zero excuses! 😉

  14. You are looking great Mama!! I am loving the color of that maternity top on you 😉

    p.s. those donuts look amazing!!!!!!! If only somewhere in the Seattle area made strawberry shortcake donuts!!!


  15. You look gorgeous!! I have a question for you – how does Harper love her moccs? Have you had to size up because she's a toddler and her feet are growing fast? I just bought my almost 3 year old a pair and was just wondering how they hold up with Harper who is out and about walking eveywhere with them.

    Will you be doing any chalkboards at all, monthly ?

    Love reading your posts! 🙂

  16. Preetttyyy sure she just blogged about how she makes her popcorn pretzel mix in her very last post 🙂 Jessica, love your blog and thank you for sharing a small glimpse into your world! I know it can't be easy with 2 small ones and another on the way, so anything you do share with us is more than appreciated. Love the idea of posting pregnancy outfits. You always look adorable!

  17. That is too funny about the indoor play gym. We brought our 17 mo old to a children's play museum on Saturday and I was most definitely freaking out on the inside…the entire time we were there. SO many kids…and germs!

  18. I wish we had a doughnut shop with doughnuts that looked so cute – I want to eat them off the screen! I can't wait until our daughter is old enough to have some special dates with us, how fun!

  19. Can you post more info/pics of how you decorated your bedroom? It looks super cute and I'm have so many issues trying to come up with a color scheme for our dull master! Thx and congrats on number 3!

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