Three Month Bump

Happy Monday morning, friends!!
I am about three and a half months pregnant right now, and although I initially thought I would definitely not do chalkboards this time around, I decided doing them monthly might be manageable. So here it is, month three with baby number three!
Jeweled Sweatshirt (on sale!) // Maternity Tank c/o Blanqi // Boots (old but similar here)

How far along: 15 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 6+ lbs.
Maternity clothes: Ashamed to admit that I mostly still live in leggings, but I have promised myself that this pregnancy I will not just frump around in pajamas for 9 months. I bought two pair of maternity pants, these side panel Andie Pants & a pair of these Citizen of Humanity full panel jeans on ebay. I love them both & they’re so comfortable! Do people actually ever return to regular jeans after wearing maternity? 😉
Sleep: I have been sleeping great, aside from one or both of the kids randomly waking up in the middle of the night at least once or twice. It’s not a big deal right now, easy to go give Eloise her paci or Harper her water or snuggle with her for a minute if she is scared, but I think this is going to get harder as the months go on. Getting out of bed during the last few months is never any fun.
Best moment this month: Healthy ultrasounds & finding out the gender! Also, having energy & loving coffee again.
Worst moment this month: The exhaustion over the first few months has been really hard, trying to run around all day with the girls & still keep up with the house/blog/work/etc. is no joke. But I am happy to report that I feel like myself again & we are finding a good balance.
Miss anything: Fitting into all of my jeans/clothes. I also hate random pregnancy food aversions, like when you spend an hour cooking dinner & then all of a sudden you are repulsed by the food and no longer want to eat it. That happened so many times to me over the first trimester & resulted in toast for dinner.
Movement: None yet. If I remember correctly, I felt Eloise move sooner than 15 weeks, so I keep waiting and waiting for this one, hoping for it any day now!
Cravings: Fish, sushi, cucumbers, watermelon, fountain soda, bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches.
Queasy or sick: Surprisingly I have felt really good this pregnancy, hardly any nausea or headaches, unlike my last two pregnancies.
Looking forward to: I guess it isn’t really pregnancy related necessarily, but excited for our trip to Florida next month. Between the cold weather & Brandon’s crazy work schedule, it will be so fun to get away as a family for a few days of fun in the sun!! 

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  1. you are glowing!! I did weekly chalkboards until 13 weeks lol so 3 chalkboards and then stopped.. I have a 2 year old and even with just her and work is so hard to find time to take a pic. Im excited to see your monthly progress

  2. I'm glad you decided to continue to do chalkboards. I feel your daughters will grow up to have a wonderful way to review memories. Congratulations and look forward to seeing your girls grow.

  3. I'm excited to see the chalkboard! I applaud you for finding the balance with everything…it's something that I am currently struggling with and we only have one almost nine month old! So glad that everything is going well for you this time around!

  4. So happy to see you doing the chalkboards again! I honestly love your creativity and seeing what you come up with for them!

    Congrats on baby three! You look great!

  5. Jessica, you look gorgeous and I admire your mad chalkboard skills! Great job. I love reading your blog and wish you lots of energy and fun for the coming months!

  6. Looking good! 15 Weeks along is when I started officially feeling more like myself. The first trimester is so draining! 🙂 Cucumbers have been on my craving list also! Our coffeehouse (Solar Roast Coffee) serves a Lox dish with an avocado cream cheese spread, smoked salmon and cucumbers that is absolutely delish! I have also been going for sushi and having the shrimp and other sushi that doesn't include raw fish. Yum!

  7. Love seeing your maternity chalk boards…I think monthly is a good compromise this go 'round! You're looking great, can't wait to read about navigating Disney with two kids in tow…while pregnant! We're going the last week of February with the hubs family…6 adults and 4 kids ages 5 to 22 months! Can use all the advice you'd care to share!!

  8. When I was pregnant with my daughter, fountain pop was one of my only cravings! I'm excited to see the chalkboards are back – your chalkboards with Harper are what brought me to your blog originally 🙂

  9. I have not returned to regular jeans since having my first and she just turned 3! Like I have literally not bought a pair of regular jeans for probably 4 years… I also have a 5 month old and I pretty much live in leggings too 🙂

  10. I love that you are at least doing monthly chalkboards. I love them so and was hoping to see them return!! It is your signature thing and what landed me on your blog in the first place before Harper was born. Have you been thinking of names? I know you didn't share Ellie's name before she was born and I am not asking for you to share…but was curious if you have a long list of possibilities or if you flip-flopping between a few names or if you KNOW what the name will be.

  11. I love this! You look amazing & your outfit is adorable! I'm two days ahead of you with my third and I feel like this baby is moving later than my second one too! Sometimes I *think* I maybe feel movement but it's not enough to know for sure ha! And I'm so jealous you know the gender! – two more weeks for me eek!

  12. I'm happy that you are doing updates! I just had my forth baby and did updates throughout the whole pregnancy. I am so happy I did, despite how tired I got! It is always so much fun to look back!

  13. Hi Jessica, just wondering if you're still working at your marketing job?

    I'm working PTFH with a 1 year old and wondering how long this kind of this is sustainable once you add more kids 🙂

  14. Hi! I am pregnant for the first time and curious about the blanqi tank. Having never bought maternity clothes before, do you purchase based on your true size? What do you recommend?

  15. You look beautiful! Just curious if your skin is naturally that glowy or if you use a self tanner? I'm desperate for some color this winter! Congrats on that sweet girl! ❤️

  16. Love to see chalkboards again, as that is what led me to find your blog when you were pregnant with Harper and I was pregnant with my first, who is now almost 3(!). Random request but id love to see a toddler shoe round up for spring and summer. I'm so out of the loop as to what is fashionable/comfortable!

  17. You look great! I know your pregnant (congrats!), but how do you get back to your prepregnancy figure so quickly? I never struggled with my metabolism or weight until now and I'm really struggling. My son was born May 30th and I'm still 20lbs over. Any tips would be great!

  18. I'm so amazed your already know you're having a girl! I am 13 weeks and had an ultrasound today and the tech said nothing about being able to tell us what we are having. Did you have to ask if the tech could tell??

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