For the Easter Basket

Harper & I were chatting about Easter the other day, she asked me what bunnies eat & I told her that they eat carrots. She asked me if they eat hummus with their carrots too, because that’s her favorite food & maybe she could share some of it with the Easter bunny. Or maybe trade for some extra m&m’s. Love the way she thinks!

Here is a roundup of all the fun things that I am thinking of for the girls’ Easter baskets this year. How cute is that book?! This will be Eloise’s last “first holiday” which is always bittersweet.

Bunny Doll // Vegetable Rattle // Wolfie the Bunny // Heart Sunnies // Natural Beeswax Crayons // Tegu Magnetic Blocks // Mini Rabbit Nightlight // Straw Sippy Cup

What’s going in your little bunny’s baskets this year?

It’s hard to even imagine a warm Spring day right now with all of the snow on the ground outside, I’ll admit, I was really excited about it when it first started coming down but we are on day three of not leaving the house other than to play in the yard. Stir. Crazy. But I really am so glad Harper got to play in some snow this year, you know her little Frozen-loving heart was so happy! Hope you all are staying warm & having a great week! XO


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  1. I'm SO excited that you did this post today, because I spent nap time trying to decide what I should put in my 14 month old daughter's Easter basket as well as looking at Easter dresses online. It's been below 20 everyday for weeks so it's crazy to be looking at spring clothes! I'm on the hunt for a bunny sippy cup, maybe a new pair of moccasins, and a new book. I'll have to check out the one you posted!

  2. That bunny night light is too cute! We always put a pair of new pj's in their baskets πŸ™‚ As well as some other springy must haves! Beckett's really into sun glasses right now and Ellia broke his ray ban knock off's, so I'll probably scoop up a new colorful pair for him & I found the cutest swim cap for Ellia at Target last week, so that'll be making its way into her basket. Love your picks, as per usual πŸ™‚

  3. I am loving the new layout!! And I hear you about going stir crazy. I live in Texas and it has been icy with a bit of snow and we have been stuck in the house all week. I am going nuts! I was able to get out today but it's supposed to snow again tomorrow and us Texans have no clue how to deal with it. ;P

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

  4. I am obsessed with that beet rattle! And I absolutely love the look of amazement in Eloise's eyes in those pictures! I hear ya on the snow – we are in New Hampshire and there are snow banks taller than me all around our house.

  5. Great picks! Sadie has that bunny night light in her room and we play with our Tegu blocks all the time! There as much fun for us as they are for her! I've already started picking up stuff for her basket and am beside myself excited that some of her cousins will be here with us (from PA) for Easter this year! Stay warm and enjoy your snow! XO

  6. I'm in the Dacula area and i'm so bummed we didn't get more snow! It was coming down pretty good Wednesday night, but then it would start raining which turned what we had into slush. Boo! I hate rain!

    Easter will be my little guy's last 'first' holiday too. He was born the day after Easter last year!

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