Nursery Inspiration & Girls Shared Room

With a summer baby on the way, what more fun inspiration for a new nursery than the little mermaid!! I love mermaids, and Harper does too, so she has been having fun helping me pick a few new accessories for baby girl’s room. Here are a few things that have caught my eye & some colors that I am loving for the room!

 Having all girls, I have never thought to use a lot of blue, but I am loving teal & mint right now! We may paint the room but you know how I am about committing to color. 😉 We took our changing table to Goodwill because I’ve realized how little I used it with either of the girls, so in this nursery we will just have the dresser, rocker & we will be purchasing a new crib. We have talked about building some fun bookshelves to display a few fun gizmos & gadgets. And the prettiest mermaid crib blanket that is so soft I want to sleep with it myself!


As for Eloise & Harper’s shared room, we moved the twin bed to the far wall & will put the crib where it used to be when this was Harper’s nursery. I am still searching for some curtains & will just be combining most of the things they already have, hoping it will all fit into one room! I combined their two tassel garlands into one, have a few prints to hang on the walls & want to find a new light fixture.

Brandon’s parents bought Harper this bedding for Christmas & we just put it on her bed the other day, she is so obsessed with it! Brandon actually saw the firefighter & astronaut set for boys (on the Chive, surprise!) and came home to show me, asking if we could find Harper a princess set. It really is the cutest thing! And they have a ballerina set as well that we will maybe get for Eloise once she upgrades to a twin bed. I added this princess throw blanket with fur backing because I loved the colors & pattern, I think they compliment the duvet so well & help make it not look so grown up! 😉

Hoping to have this all put together in the next few weeks, although not so sure when Eloise will actually move in. She is still wild in the middle of the night (like loudly rocking back & forth, humming & baby talking to herself for an hour or two… anybody else?!) so I don’t think Harper is going to want her as a roommate quite yet!

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  1. Hah our almost 10 month old girl does some loud nighttime baby talking too, it's so cute that I can't even be annoyed when she wakes us up on the monitor! LOVE the nursery inspiration, that play mat is beautiful! You have the best taste!!

  2. Love the blog design and your mermaid idea for the nursery! That's one of my favorite nursery themes! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  3. My six month old is the same at night. Also, still waking up for a bottle at 4 am. (Help!) So I haven't wanted to move her into her crib in the room she shares with her two year old sister. She was in our bed for a while but now I'm getting her used to sleeping by herself in the playpen, but still in our room. AKA I'll never sleep again.

  4. I just bought that print for Louise's nursery!!! I am totally in love with it, and we are using mermaids and flamingos…mint and gold to round it out! Great minds think alike! 😉

  5. LOVE the new layout!! Very fresh and clean!!

    Your nursery inspiration is beautiful. I also love teals and blues, but am a mama of two little girls! That's so exciting you're going to have THREE!! My girls are 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 and adding a third has been crossing my mind lately 🙂 My husband wanted a third a few months ago and I was not on board…now I'm thinking about it and he's no longer on board, haha. We'll see though! In the meantime, I am very happy to be following along your journey!


  6. Ok. I am so happy that you will be putting the girls together in the same room. That is our plan after we adopt our second babe (though we are going to adopt a boy) so it might be a little interesting with a shared room for a boy and girl….

    I love how you decorate and how all your stuff comes together. I am huge on mint right now as well. Originally I was thinking that I was going to paint Ellie's room a coral color on the walls, but seeing as we are starting the adoption process again…maybe I should go with a more gender neutral color? My plan is for her room to be more of a woodland/fairytale theme which I think with a bunch of stuffed animal deer heads on the walls might work for a boy too? IDK.

    Anyways I am so looking forward to what you put together and see the finished rooms for both Harper and Ellie as well as the new nursery for the little babe on the way!

  7. Does anyone know what that mermaid fabric is called? I love it! My daughters room is semi mermaid/under the sea theme and Id love to make her a sheet using this fabric. Right now we have some Sarah Jane prints, and I think it would match nicely with them! Love your inspiration pics!

  8. WHATTTTT! We must be on the same wavelength, because I seem to always have an idea in my head, then see it on your blog not long after. I'm pregnant with my second, have always loved mermaids & was thinking if this one's another girl that I'd love to do a mermaid nursery. Get outta my head woman! 😉 Cute ideas, obsessed with the gown!

  9. I just had baby #3 in December and have him sharing a room with our 2 yr old. I painted their room a beautiful mint and grey. It is my favorite room in the house right now. We also have accents of gold and a few pops of orange (since it has to be a little boyish).
    The mermaid theme is super cute!

  10. Check out HelloErin's new baby's room, it's the perfect mermaid room. Love the new layout and I just saw that bedding recently on IG, real cute. And totally agree about changing tables, we only had the pad on dressers, but still rarely even used that. I don't K's been changed anywhere but the floor, ha.

  11. Love the mermaid theme! I love your new layout but for some reason it won't work on my phone?! The page loads but I can't scroll at all… I don't see any other comments like this so I'm assuming it is just me?? I'm so bummed, this is my go to blog that I check every night after my baby girl goes to sleep. I pulled it up on my tablet with no issues…just can't scroll on my phone! If anyone knows why, help me out here 🙂

  12. Obsessed with that princess bedding! My husband is always showing me random shit he finds on The Chive. Love the colors for the nursery. As a mom of 3 girls, I can appreciate a color other than pink 😉

  13. Hi Jessica,

    This is the first time I have left a comment, but I have been following since before Harper was born! Congratulations on each of your beautiful daughters. I wonder if you have seen this Etsy shop: Cleo and Poppy She makes the most gorgeous mermaid dolls, and you can customise them as well. I think the mermaid theme is wonderful! All the best!

  14. I loved loved all the topics you had listed on the side yesterday!! Please reconsider adding more topics/themes for easier access to all of your tutorials and party crafting ideas!!!

  15. I absolutely LOVE your blog.
    I have a 19 Month old son and just love seeing how you get by being a mom of 2, soon to be 3.
    To be honest, I read your blog and I feel like such a lazy mom. I work full time 8am – 5pm. I'm lucky my son comes with me to work and I have a wonderful child minder that looks after him. After work I go to the grocery store to get what ever I need for supper for the next 2 or 3 days. I come home, I cook and I clean and I bath my son and get him ready for bed. I do the laundry, feed the dogs, try organise a space that needs my attention and all the other things I need to do. So I am not lazy. But I look at all that you do, making delicious breakfast like pancakes etc, awesome chalkboards, your house is perfect and you look amazing, you have an Etsy Shop and you always decorate for EVERY holiday.You do this and more, whilst looking after you two daughters, and you make it look so effortless.
    I take my hat off to you.
    love your blog, love the new look.

  16. That mermaid nightgown is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Makes me want a girl second time around 🙂 I was an upholsterer before baby Soper was born and your tufted stool gives me so many ideas, thanks for sharing!

  17. Check out the Etsy Shop thepoppytree. She has adorable mermaid prints. My 9 mon old girls nursery is mermaids and we have 3 prints from that shop hanging above her crib

  18. Love the ideas for the new nursery! I was a July baby, and summer birthdays are awesome. I was looking at all of your iced coffee posts, and made mine your way using a cocktail shaker this morning. It was great. I'm never going back to my old way again!

  19. First of all – loving the new look on the blog! Very clean looking.

    The mermaid theme is absolutely adorable, and I think the pieces you've pulled together are a great way to make the mermaid theme a bit classier. All this baby talk is making me yearn for baby #2 (although #1 is only 8 months old and still waking up 3-4 times a night….so probably not the best ideas right now. hah!)

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