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Happy Valentine’s Week, friends!! It has been quite the roller coaster over here for the last two weeks, between both of the girls having scary high fevers, ear infections & a sinus infection & flood on the main floor of our house, I have been feeling majorly overwhelmed! And I swear that every time I turn my head, Eloise is halfway up the stairs (if she isn’t trapped by a baby gate & screaming her head off). She is our wild child for sure!! 😉 I am so looking forward to a fun weekend as we celebrate Harper’s birthday & Valentine’s Day with my loves!!!

 Red Headband \ Heart Romper & Chambray Shirt (old from gap) \ Tassel Necklace \ Twirl Skirt

Remember the super yummy raspberry vanilla bean jam I mentioned a few weeks ago? This was a little handmade Valentine that we gave out to a few of our friends & I wanted to share the recipe quick in case any of you wanted to whip some up before the weekend. This recipe is so so so easy, like easier than most dinner recipes. Jelly is intimidating at first, but once you do it, you’ll never want to buy store bought again.
My aunt is my jelly making mentor, she first showed me how to make strawberry jam when we lived in Florida & could get the most delicious fruit at the Strawberry festival every year. I have only ever done it the easy way, with no actual canning equipment, just make sure that you wash & sanitize all of your jars before using. Basically if you do it this way, your seal is only good as long as a regular jar of jelly that you would buy from the store once you open it. Since I don’t store it or keep it all for myself, this is really the easiest way to do it, since I usually only keep one or two jars for myself. This recipe requires only one soup/stockpot & a dozen or so jelly jars, I use regular size quilted jars as well as a bunch of tiny ones so I can give more away! 😉

8 cups of fresh raspberries
7 cups of sugar
1 vanilla bean
1 package of Sure-Jell
1 cup of water
+ Measure 8 cups of fresh (and freshly washed) raspberries, and kinda smash them into the measuring cup as you measure to get the most accurate amount. Put them all into a large soup or stock pot & turn your stove on low as you start to mash them with a potato masher or whisk. *This recipe only works for raspberries, as every fruit jam may require different steps.
+ Slice open your vanilla bean & scoop out the center, which will look similar to coffee grounds, and add to your raspberry mixture.

+Add 1 cup of water & Sure-Jell to the mixture.

+ Continue to cook your raspberries on low as you mash out all of the lumps, approximately 8-10 minutes or so.
+ Add your 7 cups of sugar the raspberry mixture & turn heat up to bring to a low boil. You’ll want to constantly stir this to ensure that nothing burns to the bottom of the pot. Boil for approximately one minute.
+ Test your jam to make sure that it will set properly. Take a small spoonful of jam from the pot, place it in the middle of a dinner plate, let it cool for a second & then hold the plate up to see if the jam will run. If it sort of stays put, and is thick, you are good to go! If it is still very runny, you can continue to let your mixture boil for another minute before removing from heat. Once removed from heat, let it cool for just a few minutes, and scoop off any foam that may settle on on the top. I didn’t have any when I made mine, but every batch can be different.
+ Scoop your mixture into jars, seal tightly & let them set for 24 hours. Eat it on toast. Eat it on crackers. Eat it on pancakes. Eat it on ice cream. Or eat it right out of the jar!


  1. Thanks for sharing I can't wait to make this. I made the grapefruit sugar scrub and it was a huge hit with my friends. Also, I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to create my own blog so I can stay in touch with friends and family from afar.

  2. I always wanted to make jam, this recipe looks delicious! I will have to try them! Your girls are too cute! Enjoy your time at Disney! Can't wait to see a blog post about it! I live Disney. We go every two years!

  3. Yum! My mom and I used to stop at a peach orchard on our way home from my grandma's house every summer and we would load up on peaches for homemade jam. It was one of my favorite memories being in the kitchen with my mom and waiting to hear the jars pop.

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

  4. I love that your kiddos don't sit pretty for pictures either. I honestly do not have a single good photo of my kids together. Our Christmas card was photo shopped! Thanks for the recipe! I am so excited to test it out!!

  5. Your girls are just too cute! Can the raspberries be substituted for something else like strawberries or blue berries maybe? Only asking because I want to make jam but i'm highly allergic to raspberries!
    Can't wait to read how the Disney trip goes! 🙂


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