Brunch + a Happy Monday

I took the girls to the grocery store the other morning, at one point Eloise was squealing, backwards-facing doing the splits in the top part of the cart (all somehow while buckled in), while Harper was riding in the back tossing things out every once in a while & trying to open snacks while we shopped. A sweet woman approached me to tell me that her daughters were just this age not too long ago, and then she blinked & they’re both in college. And that she would give anything to have them both back in her shopping cart. I thought it was the sweetest sentiment, especially considering I thought she was coming to tell me how unsafe it was that my ten month old was doing gymnastics in our shopping cart. A little encouragement like that goes a long way!
 Brandon comes home today from a seven day trip to Hawaii for work, so I basically woke up feeling like it was Christmas. This is his last work trip for a while, his schedule has been insane lately, and being pregnant + two energetic kids + nonstop yucky weather has me feeling majorly worn out. The girls & I hit up a new brunch spot (Bantam + Biddy) with my brother this morning, sunshine & good breakfast food always cures a case of the blues. Eloise is at that age right now where she hates being constrained in any way, carseats, strollers, high chairs are all completely unacceptable forms of torture. She wants to be crawling on the ground, eating things off the floor as she goes. But, she took her first step this week!!!!!! So it is only just a matter of time before we can really take advantage of parks & other kid friendly places where she will be able to keep up with big sis!


 Chipped nail polish & French toast for life. 
So today is a happy Monday indeed, we can’t wait to see our favorite guy this afternoon!
PS. Thank you all SO much for your feedback & kind words on my last blogpost, all of your comments mean so much & I will definitely be doing my best to post more of what you love!! You all are the best!!

PSS. I spotted the coveted knit bunny ear hat back in stock this year! One of my all time favorites!! Ok I’m really going now. XO

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  1. Oh Jessica, your girls are just the sweetest! I can't get over how quickly Eloise is growing! 🙂 Always love your updates and I need that bunny ear hat STAT, I have the perfect photoshoot planned with our holland Lop and Scarlett 🙂

  2. You truly do make the most beautiful blue eyed babes!! Traveling spouses are no fun but what's even less fun is the fact that this week is me traveling for work!! For a full 5 days! I miss my boys like crazy so I can imagine how Brandon feels! So happy to hear he's coming home today! 🙂

  3. Good for you for taking the kids to the grocery store. I mean it. Even when it is my wife and I, it is still a challenge to wrangle all three kids without having a major meltdown.
    I also love when people offer words of encouragement when you have an out-of-sorts child. A couple of months ago my I was out alone with my youngest (age 2) and he had one of those lie on the ground screaming tantrums that you just have to wait out. An elderly lady came by and told me, 'it gets better'. How nice is that? Much better than a stink eye or a snide comment about my parenting.

  4. shopping cart gymnastics sounds like fun I'd say hehehe… ok maybe not for you 😉
    that is a great pic of the three of you!
    hope you get a nice realxing night with your hubby 🙂

  5. That French toast looks absolutely amazing! When does Eloise turn 1? So crazy she is walking already! My second was 15 months before she took her first steps, and I figured she would have been way earlier since she has a big sis to keep up with.

    PS: Love the new layout!

  6. Love your blog!! You are so genuine, and that is truly noticed. Your sweet girls are too precious for words! Ps- chipped nails and french toast is what it is ALL about.

  7. Your girls are too adorable for words! I can only imagine how drained you've felt trying to give them everything they need while your husband was away. I hope that his return brings smiles to everyone tonight!

    xo Rachel

    PS – I looove the name Eloise 🙂

  8. I don't know how you do it!!! My girls are 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 and I am desperate for my husband's help daily!! Props to you – seriously!! Lately I've also been incredibly nostalgic about how quickly they are growing up, and it's making me love and cherish that much more (if that's even possible!). As hard as these ages are, part of me honestly wants to freeze time. Life is just so fun with little ones!!

    Great job, mama!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! 🙂

    – Sarah

  9. First off, yay for your husband being home! I hate when my husband is gone! I am THRILLED that you posted that the bunny hat is back. I looked for it recently and was bummed that it wasn't on the website. I will be scooping that baby up asap!


  10. Yay for your Hubby being home! Mine traveled the majority of February as well, and that coupled with the babe and I both being sick on and off all month….I'm so glad March is finally here! 🙂

    Also, how do you manage to look so fabulous with two kids to get ready too, all while being pregnant? Super. freaking. woman! The struggle is real for me to get ready every morning with just 1 kiddo!

  11. That was such a sweet thing to say! It's so nice to hear something encouraging rather than the forgetful/possibly childless women who glare at you with the "get your kid under control look." My daughter is two and still hates being contained. When did Harper grow out of that?

  12. Way to go taking care of two girls alone for 7 days 😀 I would have laid down and cried by the end of the week 🙂 You still look like a million dollars!

  13. That food looks SO good. It's midnight and I'm starving, this is a problem.

    Your new template reminds me of a wordpress one, I really like it. Did you buy the template from somewhere or did you design it yourself?

  14. Your girls are adorable! I love the new blog layout!! Your blog is by far my most favorite, thanks for sharing all that you do!! Keep up the good work! Xoxo
    Love, Bess

  15. I love when people are kind when you have cah-raaazy kids while running errands! And I feel you on the husband travel! – mine doesn't travel a ton like some husbands of my friends but he's gone on average about 12 weeks a year (plus two months of busy season) and I just always thank my lucky stars it doesn't have to be more than that! How do single moms survive?!

  16. Totally relate to your post!! Our Kate who is 10
    Months old also does the same! She haaaaates being constrained. She was the sweetest little baby and now she is showing her other side ha ha. I am glad to hear im not the only one dealing with this! Always a fan of your blogs, love reading them. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂 Glad your hubby is home now to help with the girls.

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