Easter Mini Styles

We have had Easter on the mind for weeks now, it is one of my favorite holidays (wait, aren’t they all?) for so many reasons. I love that Harper will be able to participate in some of the activities at our church this year, along with a few fun Easter egg hunts & we will have family coming in town as well. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite festive Easter styles, hoping you will find a little inspiration for your little bunnies! And boy moms, remember that little Hop Sweatshirt that Eloise was wearing the other day, that is straight from the boy’s section! I love it paired with these bright yellow pants, that are even cuter in person, or maybe layered with a chambray baby blazer.

Floral Tunic Dress // Grey & White Flutter Dress // Gold Bunny Tee // Pink Sequin Bunny Sweater // Bunny Ear Headband // Gold Glitter Shoes

Now, my sweet Harper & her hilarious obsession with polar bears. She comes into the kitchen with Eloise’s bunny ear headband on, looks me dead in the face & says “mom. do these bunny ears make me look like a polar bear?”

Bunny Ear Headband // Lace Dot Capelet c/o Joyfolie

I could not stop laughing. I wish I had taken a picture of her entire outfit too, she had two skirts, pajama pants & a pair of high heel plastic shoes, all part of her adventures in dressing herself.
She is so excited for Easter this year, I just know it’s going to be a magical one!


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  1. You know what I love the most about Harper? She's so imaginative. Moments like this probably make the harder parts much more tolerable : ) .

  2. Have been following sense you where pregnant with Harper and it's just so much fun to watch her grow! It's so funny that she had this cute silly personality even as a baby! Could you do a post on postpartum hairloss and how you manage I had my baby girl 5months ago and the hair loss is on another level!

  3. Gosh Harper looks so grown up in that pic. I'm excited to see what kind of Easter breakfast you have this year. I loved the ham and egg cups you did one year. 🙂


  4. I lucked out having a bunny loving girl with a birthday so close to Easter, definitely makes life easier when stocking up on all things with cotton tails. Love your picks

  5. Three year olds say the funniest things. We have a three year old boy and the stuff that comes out of him mouth is priceless!!! (we have 8 kiddos, so someone always has something funny to say….?)

  6. Aaaah, I just bought my Olivia those sweet little gold glitter sandals from Old Navy and they are just precious! Her chubby little foot is constantly busting out of the side, though, so not too sure how much she'll actually wear them much, but at least they look cute while they last! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

    <3 Linds

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