Bump Style Breakdown: Volume 1

I have teamed up with my friend Anna of In Honor of Design to do a fun series of bump styles over the next few months & let me tell you, this is a huge step out of my comfort zone! πŸ˜‰ I am most comfortable in a pair of sweats, but I am going to do my best at getting creative with my wardrobe. I hope you enjoy!!

First up, the relaxed t-shirt shift dress. Seriously, these dresses are a pregnant gal’s best friend.
Yes, they’re also known for being a bit frumpy, but dressing frumpy is a right of passage during pregnancy, right? πŸ˜‰ I think the key is making sure that the arms are fitted & the dress isn’t too long, or it really would feel a bit garbage-bag like. This style of dress is perfect for earlier stages of pregnancy when your bump maybe isn’t very pronounced yet, but the love handles are! I genuinely feel great wearing this dress, and while fitted dresses & tops are really fun to wear to show off the belly, it’s also worth something to just feel totally comfortable in your outfit. I am also obsessed with the grey version, no surprise! I feel like it is even more casual than the black, which is perfect for hot summer days ahead.
I also love how versatile this dress is. It can be dressed down with flat sandals, or dressed up with heels or wedges and a long necklace
An extra large tote is my very favorite accessory. With the girls ages we tend to go a lot of places without strollers, so it’s sometimes easier to grab something a little less all-inclusive than my regular diaper bag. This is a reversible tote which I love because I can switch it out on the go, but I also have a major crush on this hot pink one, the tassels are so fun for Spring & Summer!
And probably my most favorite part of this style?! My extensions!! I have mentioned multiple times about all of my post-partum hair loss, my hair got crazy thin & I ended up cutting off quite a bit. While I love a shorter hair style, I have always had long hair & have been missing it like crazy for the last few months. Along came Top Knot Extensions, who contacted me about trying out their halo extensions, and I quickly fell in love!!! I will share more in a separate post later this week, but for now, those long thick curls are something my hair could never have achieved on my own. They are so easy & quick to put in & take out, I could not be happier with them!
You can head over to see more of Anna’s shift dress style here! Thanks so much Chelsey Heidorn for photography!

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  1. I love that tote! I wish it came in the metallic color you have in the picture :/ I went to target the other day after seeing your post on the sandals. Sadly they didn't have it but I did pick up a cute striped blazer! Will have to order the sandals online. The dress looks great on you and your hair looks fab! πŸ™‚

  2. That dress looks amazing on you! I am always torn on how to wear them but this is seriously perfect and your extensions are so good!!! I want some now too to rescue me from my thin post-baby hair! Can't wait to see more of these posts.

  3. You look amazing!
    Have your ever, or will you consider if not, a pay about working from home? I have always worked, and when I got married, my husband's job aloud me to stay home. We got pregnant spelt asher getting married. Now that I'm a stay at home mom, with my two year old, I really want to try to contribute financially from home. Do you, or anyone, have any recommendations Or ideas?
    Thank you!

  4. The both of you look fabulous! Hardly frumpy! Like you said, frumpy during pregnancy is ok, and you have to find what makes you comfortable. I'm not currently pregnant, but my pregnancy style last time was horrible. Next time around I'll have to do better. Looking forward to reading more tips. (:

  5. You look gorgeous in anything. I agree, pregnancy can sometimes place us in the comfort zone and style goes out the window but when you can incorporate style into comfort then it's a win!! πŸ™‚

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