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It’s definitely Friday the 13th over here. And not in the popcorn-eating-scary-movie-watching sense. Both girls woke up with the sniffles, ahhhhgain, we’ve had tantrums, a plate of food thrown across the kitchen & no naps all around. But with sunshine & warm weather in the weekend forecast, I can focus on the positives. Plus, how can you not be happy with this little face? Yes, she is as wild as her hair.

I can’t believe St. Patrick’s Day is next week. Although I am definitely sad that there will be no green beer in my near future, I am excited to make some fun green treats with the girls this weekend. These Lucky Charm Marshmallow Bars look delicious, especially since I have been on a rice krispie treat kick lately. Yum!! We will definitely have to get out our shamrock cookie cutters, Harper’s favorite!

Harper favorites! I know we are long overdue for Harper’s three year update, but lately we have been hitting the jackpot on fun activities for her. She has dropped her afternoon nap for the most part, so we are always looking for quiet activities to do together while Eloise is sleeping. These Melissa & Doug Sweet Treats Sticker Pads are SO GREAT. They keep her occupied forever & are really adorable. We have been huge fans of these Water Wow Paint Kits as well, the alphabet one has been amazing for helping her write out her letters & they are baby friendly for when Eloise gets her little hands on them. We were also recently introduced to My Sweet Muffin who sent us these amazing Star Counting Blocks, which have been such a big hit & I can not get over how cute they are. Harper is always so excited to play with them during Eloise’s nap, she loves to line them up like dominos & then watch them tumble over. It is taking her patience to a whole new level! 😉

These boyfriend jeans are a steal right now with 30% additional off the sale price. I love a good pair of ripped jeans for Spring/Summer! And a little denim mini-match, this is the cutest one piece romper, it is way prettier in person than it is online, I can’t wait to put it on Eloise once it is warmer. I love pieces like this because they go with everything, you can mix & match accessories which is the fun part!

And last, who else is excited for the new Cinderella movie?! I always tear up when I see the previews, which could totally just be pregnancy hormones. I am debating taking Harper, mostly so she can see the Frozen short, but I am undecided about whether or not she would be too young for the movie. Thoughts? If any of you take your three year olds, please let me know what they thought!! It would be her first movie ever, maybe I’m crazy. Hope you all have a great weekend!!! XO


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  1. Jessica, ever since you changed the layout. The blog takes very long to scroll through. It's not smooth and lags at every line. This means I have to scroll at every line. Very frustrating. I dread coming to your blog now but still enjoy the content. I used to come all the time but now I only come when there's a new post. Please fix this issue so I can come back more 🙂 And I think the movie is too old for my 4.5 year old so I'm not sure how it would go with Harper.

  2. My son's nearing 3 and we've been in negotiations on when would be a good age. He loves movies and sits well through his favorites. We have a dollar theater near us so I think we would try that first. That way if he looses his shit were only out a few bucks.

  3. I just saw the movie last night, and while I don't have any children yet, I will say the theatre was filled with little kids! A family sitting right next to us had a little girl who looked to be about 3 years old and she giggled and laughed the whole time. There really isn't anything too scary or dark in this one either!! And the Frozen short?? Adorbs!!

  4. I have taken both of my boys to the movies at 3 (maybe even before for my youngest son). They both did great and love going to the movies. If she can sit at home and watch a movie she will do perfect at the theatre (especially with a little popcorn!). Enjoy and I hope everyone feels better soon.

  5. They are both so cute! I definitely think you should take Harper to see Cinderella. I think she will love it! When we saw Maleficent, there were lots of families in there with their toddlers.
    I remember thinking how cute it was seeing all the kids and hearing them giggle throughout the movie. People should expect that it is a family movie and that there will be lots of kids in there. So I say go for it! Have a great weekend Garvin Family!
    The Novosad Family (Lara Novosad)

  6. I just saw the Cinderella movie tonight. It was so good. I don't think it would hold the attention of a 3 year old. We took our son to his first movie and it was animated, he sat through the whole thing. Good luck!

  7. My girl is exactly 1 year older than Harper (same bday!). We've taken her to see two movies in the theater, the first being Frozen. She was not yet 3 yet, but she did great. Just had to get up once to go pee pee. I plan on taking A to see Cinderella too, but this will be the first non-animated movie, so not sure what difference that will make. My tips would be to take a late matinee on a week day if possible, so if the kids do talk or whatever, they aren't distrbing a lot of people. (Although I definitely emphasize there is no talking or wiggling, but you know kids) And also, they will be more likely to sit stil! And get popcorn and candy and make a big deal out of it. But have fun and don't stress.

  8. jessica- i love, love, love this blog! i don't have children yet, but i love coming to see the creative ways you decorate and dress up food – and to read the stories about the girls and their adventures! i just wanted to let you know that since the layout of the blog changed, so has my experience with it. it oftentimes takes very long to load. i almost never see photos on the blog anymore, either. they either simply do not load or it will have an error message with something along the lines of 'exceeding bandwith.' i never had any of these issues with the previous layout. i think this layout is more modern and great, but it would be even better if i could actually see what you're posting!

  9. Ohhh take her! We took our Laila to the movies when she was 3 to see Tangled and she was awesome! She sat in her daddy's lap and asked for popcorn and a coke (we never drink soda so it was a treat!) and she loved it! She sat so well and I swear I teared up a little because it was such a sweet little date/

  10. I took my 2 and 4 year old girls (fresh 2/4 bdays in Jan) and they did wonderful,
    My 2 year old has only ever watched animated films and this kept her attention the whole time.
    Love your blog and your cute little girls ❤️

  11. Those sticker books are adorable and perfect for Easter baskets for my girls! Thanks for the suggestion!

    I totally want to take Aubrey to Cinderella. She is 5, but I have taken her to movies as young as 2 and she did great!

  12. Totally ordering those paint with numbers, thanks for sharing! Def take Harper to the movie! Well go as well, Maddux has been to 2 or 3, and does great as long as the movie is decent. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

  13. I tear up every time I see the previews for Cinderella as well and I'm not preggo, so it may not be your hormones! You should TOTALLY take Harper to see it! We always take the day off of work on our son's birthday, and for his third birthday we took him to his first movie at a theater. We were hesitant as to whether or not we should even try, but he was absolutely ENAMORED and so good! We took him to see Planes Fire and Rescue, and I swear I had to keep checking him to make sure he hadn't fallen asleep because he was SO. STILL. the whole time. He LOVED it and he's been begging for us to take him to another movie ever since. So I say go for it, Momma! The worst thing that could happen is that you'll have to leave in the middle, but they will totally give you a refund if you can't stay. :o) Let us know how it goes if you guys do decide to go and I hope you guys enjoy :o)

    <3 Linds at

  14. I'm planning on taking my three year old just to see Frozen and then leaving. Totally worth it! Cinderella would be way over her head.

  15. We went to see Cinderella this weeked. My kids are almost 3. We went to an 11am showing since we knew it wouldn't be too busy and there would be other young kids there. My two sat in their seats for the first hour no problem. Then they had to go potty and then they wanted to climb on the seats. They did it quietly and there was no one around us, so we let them go. Go at an off time, and you'll be fine. And bring snacks!

    Our Little Miracles

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