The Zoo + Eloise’s Baptism

We took our little zoo to the zoo while the girls’ cousins were in town & had a blast! The Atlanta Zoo is really great, there are tons of fun exhibits & the walking paths are all really beautiful & spacious. Even though the parking lot was full, it hardly felt busy inside & was really relaxing walk around all day with the kids. Harper was most excited to see the flamingos & the monkeys. The flamingos were right at the entrance, so she was super excited to see them first thing. She started doing her best flamingo impression, standing on one leg & saying “… but I don’t think I want to drink that water!” We rode the train & the carousel, then stopped for lunch. Harper was very concerned about making it to the monkey exhibit, but we made it & we happened to get there just as the zookeeper was feeding them tomatoes. We watched as he threw them to each monkey like a baseball & they would catch them, Harper thought it was the best thing of all time. Eventually, Eloise got tired & was heading straight to meltdown-town so we took off, and for maybe the first time ever, both kids slept in the car the entire ride home. Success of a lifetime.

The weather was just too good to be true, so one we were back home we took all the kids outside to ride bikes & do sidewalk chalk. Check this chick out, she is ready to run & will not settle for anything less than keeping up with her big sis! 😉
On Sunday, we had Eloise baptized. Brandon’s sister & her husband are Eloise’s godparents, which is why they initially decided to fly down for the weekend. We are so grateful that they could make it for the baptism, it was a really special day. Eloise did amazing at the actual ceremony, she was all smiles & dancing to the music. The congregation sang the sweetest baptism lullaby with her name in it, we were all tearing up, it was the sweetest thing.
God Bless you Eloise Ruby, you really are such a blessing & gift from God.

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  1. I can't wait to get to the zoo this year! It is always so much fun for the little ones and mommy too! You look so beautiful and your family is just the sweetest! God Bless you Eloise!!!

  2. Your girls are the absolute cutest! I have an almost
    two year old little girl and know the "meltdown town"
    feeling very well! I love how you always keep it real
    In your posts! It makes me laugh! You also look absolutely
    amazing! ?

  3. Such a beautiful family.
    Congratulations on the baptism of Eloise Ruby. May God always keep her safe and happy.

    Ps. You true make being pregnant and having 2 kids look effortless.

  4. Aw! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves 🙂 honestly those two girls of yours are the cutest! And you look amazing, love that dress!! You will have to share where it's from 🙂

    Warm Blessings to Miss Eloise Ruby and your beautiful family <3

    xo kass

  5. I love your dress!! Will you share where you found it? I can't tell if it is short or if it just looks that way because you're pregnant and holding a baby but I would love to have it for my daughters baptism in a few weeks!

  6. So sweet! I have been a reader/IG follower for a little over a year now! (Ever since I realized you were the chalk-board-baby-bump girl) I love keeping up with your adorable fam! I also totally thought of you while doing a little felt food shopping this morning! (:

  7. I love your dress for the baptism! Ellie's grin kills me every time too.
    I bought a bunny beanie hat for myself today, and thought of you – even thought St Patricks Day is still to come, I couldn't pass it up!

  8. The sweetest!! Elliot loves the monkeys too. We went to the zoo last weekend and all the little monkeys were huddled up together because it was cold! So cute. I said it on IG but Eloise looks stunning in white! I love that family pic. 🙂

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