Bump Style Breakdown: Volume 3

This week’s bump style breakdown is all about the casual, sporty maternity style. Comfortable kicks, distressed denim & a baseball cap, the perfect outfit staples for an expectant mama on the go!

For my first two pregnancies, I never even invested in a pair of good maternity jeans because I felt like I would never really wear them. But regular jeans with the old hair tie trick just aren’t cutting it anymore. It wasn’t until this time around that I discovered how a pair of full panel, over the belly maternity jeans can be as comfortable as a pair of sweats, but maybe just a tad more stylish. 😉 I will love distressed denim forever & will most likely continue to wear these well after baby girl arrives! 
This striped tee (the same style as the polka dot one that I wore a few posts back) has quickly become one of my favorite shirts. I have always loved stripes on a baby bump! The material is so soft & the longer length with side rouching is so flattering for a growing belly. Adding a baseball cap, for days when styling my hair is just not in the cards, and comfy shoes for chasing the kids around, and this outfit is practical to the max.
Be sure to check out Anna & Leanne‘s blogs to see how they pull together their sporty maternity style! XO

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  1. Love this outfit! Maternity jeans were my favorite to wear when I was preggo. Also those "A pea in the pod" shirts were my LIFE. I bought like 5 in different colors and wore throughout my whole pregnancy…they are so soft and feel amazing!

  2. The great thing about maternity jeans (that is if you really love them and don't want to burn them after, ha!) is that you can wear one of those belly band things over the panel to keep them up once the baby is here. Also works for when you are preggo but bump isn't quite big enough for maternity jeans yet. Super cute outfit!

  3. Hands down you're stunning. I was a walking potato sack when I was pregnant. Which was odd because I loved my pregnant body. Next time around I really want to embrace it and reflect how I felt on the inside. (: Going to check out the other two ladies posts. (:

  4. Not sure if you got my comment. I wasn't signed in ugh! I love this style! I also never bought a lot of maternity stuff for the same reason but with the next baby I for sure will!

  5. How do you edit your photos? Or what filter are you using.. your photos have a beautiful film feel to them and I love how you can feel more emotion in them as a result. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  6. You look amazing, Jessica. Be thankful for a small bump – big ones just get in the way of plain living and breathing! Great hack for the jeans , too. Stylish and comfy! I really love this post and i love your style. Thanks for sharing this post.

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