7 Month Bump

Chalkboard bumpdates. I think this is the definition of ain’t nobody got time for that. Pretty much every other aspect of working/blogging is doable for me except making chalkboards, as there are four tiny hands that just love to erase whatever I have made or add their own artwork to it. Not to mention, time. is. flying. I cannot believe next month is already the end of my pregnancy! I’m not even going to lie, I have really enjoyed being pregnant this time & will miss my baby bump tremendously.
Moving right along, let’s title this chalkboard “lollipops for everyone if you all just give me two minutes to take this picture.”

How far along: 31 weeks (7 month photo taken at the end of April, closer to 30 weeks)
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 18+ lbs.
Maternity clothes: Wearing one of my favorite dresses EVER, this Isabella Oliver halter dress is soooo comfortable, I have been wearing it non stop! I love the color & it leaves plenty of room for my belly to grow over the next two months! I have almost fully given up on regular clothes & have really been embracing maternity style this pregnancy, which I am sure is one of the reasons it has been so much more enjoyable!
Sleep: Still sleeping great, minus Eloise continuing to wake up once or twice a night. Will it ever end? I am convinced she will still be waking up just as often as the newborn come July.
Best moment this month: Celebrating Eloise’s first birthday & my 29th birthday! Embracing the mom van & getting started on the baby’s nursery. We are moving right along y’all! πŸ™‚
Worst moment this month: Aside from the scary car wreck, it has been a pretty great month!
Miss anything: I have definitely been pouting about not being able to drink a margarita on Cinco de Mayo or a large pour of wine when the kids are driving me bonkers. But mostly, missing being able to do a lot of stuff with the girls & keep up all day with their endless energy. They’ll both be shocked one day when I can be the one playing airplane or giving them horsey rides around the house again!
Movement: Big giant alien movements that everyone can see from the outside. Harper just loves it & says “da baby kicked me wite in da hand!”
Cravings: Watermelon, fish tacos, & chocolate chip frozen eggo waffles. And yes, I would definitely eat them all together.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good, minus some super excessive heartburn. Bleh!
Looking forward to: Summer! We have so many fun things planned & I can’t wait to do them all as a new family of FIVE. (also picking a name, because we haven’t even come close to doing that yet.) We can’t wait to meet you baby girl!!!

And because two is better than one, here is my last month’s chalkboard that I missed posting. I hope you forgive me! πŸ™‚ XO

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  1. Love it! Pregnancy looks so good on you. Your hair looks incredible and so does your skin!!

    BTW kudos to you for even doing the chalkboard at all. I tried with our first (no kids to even mess anything up) and it was so time consuming that I gave up after the 6 weeks. πŸ˜›

    Happy Pre-Friday!
    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

  2. You look amazing! I was so uncomfortable the last half of my pregnancy and this post makes me wonder if I should have invested in maternity clothing. I just never saw anything cute.. not even close when I was out shopping, but you keep on posting cute maternity stuff so I'll have to look harder next time around. Also, my 16 month old just finally stopped waking up every single night. We're talking like 5 times a night. Our ped said once kids turn 1 a switch just goes off on rough sleepers. So hopefully Eloise will start sleeping all night long for you SOON! A friend of mine has 2 little ones sharing a room about the same ages of your girls and she puts extra pacis for her 1 year old on her 3 year old's nightstand to give to the 1 year old if they wake up. Maybe harper could help out!

  3. Does Eloise sleep with a pacifier? My 13 month old woke up 2-3 per night until we got him a Nookums monkey that attaches to the pacifier. It helps him find it in the dark, and has definitely helped. I can't believe we are still dealing with it at all, since my first slept through the night at 6 weeks! Hope your third sleeps well:)

  4. My 20 month old is still waking up at least 1x a night and I'm now pregnant with my second. My two will be 27 months apart, so I love following your blog and getting an idea of what's to come!

  5. I just love reading your updates! I have been following you since you were pregnant with Harper and I'm always so excited to see you post. Can't wait to see pics of baby girl #3!

  6. What Harper said is just amazing! she sounds like sooo much fun. and by the way, you look absolutely great!!:)))

  7. Being comfortable during pregnancy is a must have – and I hate when girls think you have to wear moo moo dresses and not dress cute- I am the same size as you and loved wearing fitted things, kept me feeling like myself, and was still super comfortable! Good luck with the name game this (3rd) time around the block – I'm sure each time it becomes harder and harder, because you narrow your list more and more with each pregnancy — a few ideas to get the mental juices flowing: Blaire, Gwyn, Wren, Hattie, Willa, Greer, Sutton, Collins, and Fallon — I have 2 boys and we are done with the baby making (for ourselves atleast- I'm in the process of being a gestational carrier) so if a mama can use some ideas on a cute girl name there's a few of my favs πŸ™‚

  8. You just look flawless! I can't believe how fast 7 months has flown by. So excited for you and your family. Many blessings. I hope you have a fantastic mother's day!

  9. Hello from Spain: I like your pregnancy looks and you are very pretty. I like yoyr blog because I am a mother too. At this point I am very interested these reflections so I created a blog dedicated young people and their use of new technologies. I invite you to visit: http://cativodixital.blogspot.com.es/ If you want we kept in touch. I already made me a follower of your blog.

  10. Oh how I love those two with their suckers! Glad to see the chalkboards make it on the blog this pregnancy, even if you're scrambling to do it!

  11. You look amazing! And our little girl sounds like the same type of sleeper that Eloise is…up one or two times a night for well over a year, totally nuts. Now she is 20 months and has been sleeping through the night for a while now so it will end soon promise! And I'm sure baby #3 will sleep like a dream in comparison! Happy Friday-eve:)

  12. Looking fabulous, Momma! That dress looks gorgeous with your dark hair! And speaking of hair, sweet little Eloise's hair looks exactly like my Olivia's – same deep right part with a little widow's peak in the front… I can't not put a rubber band or bow in it because her hair goes straight in her eyes if I don't!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend! <3

  13. Ha that first picture is perfect! And you look fantastic!!
    Both of our daughters' names were the only two girl names we liked, so if we ever had a third girl, we would be screwed!
    My 13 month old still wakes up 2-3 times a night. I have no idea how to put a stop to it. I'm afraid if I let her CIO, she'll wake up her big sister and then we'll have both kids up. What do you do with Eloise when she wakes up? I give my girl a bit of milk and rock her and put her back down. I'm usually up with her for about 15mins at a time.

  14. I love your bump updates and I am so upset that I didn't see this yesterday! If you need some name help, I think you should give her a name that has six letters because Harper & Eloise both have six letters. Also, try the baby name genie. It's amazing and so very helpful. Love your blog and your girls!!

  15. Congratulations Mama, you look amazing!! We are about to have our second baby girl and you are my reassurance that it can totally be done. I am a little nervous about all the things that come along with having 2 kids!! I can't believe you are about to have 3..seriously you're amazing! I sort of dropped off blogging land for a whilte but if you haven't done a post about balancing your kids schedules etc I would love to read one!!

    Chrissy from The Doucet Diaries


  16. You are so beyond adorable! I hope I am that cute and positive when I'm pregnant! Our thoughts are with you mama! Wishing you energy to get through the next few months and patience to enjoy every moment without thinking about the next!

    xo Rachel

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