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First, I wanted to thank you all for your kind words on my last post, I really appreciate all of your sweet comments & feedback! Everything is good with baby girl so we are very thankful for that & feeling really fortunate. I also wanted to mention for those of you who asked, we did have to replace our car seats after the accident. I had never heard this before but the officers told me right away that they would need replaced, even though the kids weren’t in them & they weren’t necessarily damaged in the wreck. We are waiting for the van that we decided on to come in from another dealership & in the mean time, have a rental, which I was already giddy about the automatic doors during our first grocery shopping trip. Life with a mom-van isn’t so bad after all! 😉
Here’s what the rest of our weekend looked like. Lots of sunshine, animal crackers & bubble blowing. Eloise’s first time playing with (and eating) sidewalk chalk because she wanted to be just like big sis. My favorite combination of food lately, chocolate + pineapple. Listening to the new Zac Brown Band album on repeat in excitement for the concert this coming weekend. Some delicious BLT pizza & live music outside with friends. A little bit of Spring cleaning, a lot of clothes + toys dropped off at Goodwill & some pretty new flowers planted in our front yard. Swings, slides & the messiest, stickiest popsicle picnic at the park. And having slight anxiety after hitting a crazy little milestone called “baby girl Garvin #3 will be here in less than two months.”

Happy Monday friends, I hope you all had the best weekend! XO

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  1. Just caught up on posts- so glad you, baby girl and everyone else is ok! How scary! Just curious, does insurance help at all with the car seat replacement? I'd never thought about that but we just bought our convertible seats and thinking about having to replace them makes me cringe! Looks like a great weekend- your girls are so, so cute!

  2. Your girls are so cute! I cannot wait to see the newest addition!
    PS- if Harper's shoes are on the wrong feet- that is the cutest thing ever! (And the cutest pair of little kids shoes I've ever seen!)
    I can't wait to see the new car!

  3. I love that Harper has her shoes on the wrong feet! My daughter has been working very hard at dressing herself and I have been letting her wear what she wants, how she wants as to not discourage her! So glad I am not the only one!

  4. So sweet! I ate pounds of pineapple last summer during the end of my pregnancy. Supposedly, it helps to thin the cervix! Also, did you notice that Harper's cute little sneakers are on the wrong feet? Too cute!

  5. Your girls are the cutest and best dressed little things I have ever seen. Where is Harper's shirt from and the blanket on her in the stroller I can barely see?? You can't look at Eloise without making it making a day better! 🙂

  6. haha i love how the first thing i noticed were Harpers backwards nikes… I swear i'm saying "other feet" at least 3x a day. so glad baby girl is doing well after the accident

  7. Loads of people who sell used car seats on line freak me out. You have no way of knowing if it was ever in an accident and all it takes is that one dishonest person trying to make some profit. Again, I am so happy you and your unborn child were ok! And that the girls weren't in the car. It truly is a blessing and the mom van will work out so much better than anything else. (:

  8. So happy to hear everything is okay with you and baby Garvin #3! Sounds like you girls had a wonderful weekend! Please share were their adorable sunglasses are from?! So stinkin cute!

  9. Your girls are just the most adorable and really make me want my little girl to have a baby sister! Re: your chocolate and pineapple obsession…if you haven't tried the Lindt dark chocolate pineapple bar, you must! I just discovered it and it is to die for!

  10. Your weekend sounds wonderful!!! I am so sorry to hear about your accident. So happy you and baby are OK, and that your other little ones weren't with you. Things like that definitely make you so appreciative for health and safety!!!

    I am so excited to hear about your journey with three!!! I have two girls, my oldest turns three next week and my youngest will be two in september. Neither one sleeps through the night, either. I feel like I'm going backwards somehow!!! As hard as it is, though, part of me still wants more!! My grandma has five girls all close together and they are all so close now! Big families are the best (assuming we survive the toddler years LOL)

    -Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  11. Haha OMG are Harper's shoes on the wrong feet in that picture of her blowing bubbles!?!? Dying. I love it. Toddlers are so dang funny. My little girl Ryan is turning two July 3 (yay for "almost" july 4th babies) and she is starting to exhibit the typical toddler behavior, wants to do everything herself, talking in semi complete sentences. She cracks me up daily. I have a second little girl due in August and am SO excited for sisters!

  12. You are such a perfect woman with a lovely family. I discovered your blog two days ago and I spent these two days reading posts and watching photos of your adorable girls.
    I really dont undestand how is it possible that someone can be so perfect as you are! I have just one little princess and your blog shows me, how many things could you do with almost three babies.
    Love your blog and wish you well!
    So excited for another post.

    And please excuse my English, i live in Czech republic 🙂

    Have a nice day, Erika

  13. Pineapple is kind of forbidden fruit (like papaya) during pregnancy as it contains bromelain… Just wanted to suggest so that you n baby keep safe… 🙂 … Love xo

  14. Glad you and baby are doing well, and that your rental van is treating you well! I've followed your blog for a while and it's a real delight to read! You inspired me to take baby bump pictures while I was pregnant, although they were not as awesomely creative as yours lol. Our family is relocating to the Atlanta 'burbs from the Las Vegas desert, and your outdoor photos make me so anxious to get there! Thanks again for sharing all of your family fun, style, and home decor! Cheers 🙂 -The Dana Family

  15. Oh my goodness, how sweet are your girls!!! I do my 16 month old daughter's hair just like you have Eloise's hair in the last pic every day and it still makes my heart explode. And I always think it's so cute seeing a little one using their newborn swaddle as a blanket when they're bigger.. Really shows how much they've grown!

  16. Giiiiiirl you had me at pineapple and chocolate. So.darn.good. I never knew about the car seats either until I joined Car Seats for The Littles on FB and it has been such a good source of information! That last pic of Eloise takes me back to Harper's days when she was that old!

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